Dangerous extraplanar swine, and food for an extremely lame pun!

Fhorge have 12 magical beast HD, are large-sized, and have the stat spread you'd expect: great strength, good constitution, some wisdom, low dexterity and charisma, and abysmal intelligence. Their one natural attack is a bite with improved grab and Worry (which deals automatic bite damage to a grabbed target each round).

Furthermore, they have the boar-like ability to keep fighting at negative HP, the badger-like ability to fly in a rage during combat, and the orc-like ability to charge for double damage.

I could see this making for an okay one-dimensional charger, but in practice it's not going to be outdamaging a dedicated humanoid. Being quadruped, and not innately getting weapons to use, also does not help. Also, taking damage in combat makes you fly in a berserk rage you can't control, so there's that too.

-0 LA, maybe worth playing in a very odd campaign.