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    Simlay listens to Zo, looks back at Oran, closes her eyes, breathes in and out, and then laughs. "This is... one of your stories, too!"

    She opens her eyes again, and then adds "And in failing to find what I sought, I have instead found something else." She looks at Oran, and then up at Zo, smiles, and turns her attention back to Oran.

    "Indeed, you have," Oran answers. "You have both found something, and learned something. Jedi you may yet be."

    With that, the scene fades, and Zo and Trill... or Simlay... find themselves back out in the room with the three doors, except now all three doors are closed, and Nodoa is nowhere to be seen. On top of the raised dais there are two shining objects, about a centimeter long and a few millimeters wide: one blue, and one indigo. They look like khyber crystals.
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