So, me and my group have been playing on the Ravnica setting for about 6 months or so, and we have had great fun, as the GM I have had a great time and I love the setting. Any way here are a few thoughts regarding the setting:

- City setting: I always wanted to run a D&D game set around a city, and the city is the only setting at Ravnica, which is weird and unique.
- Factions: If you are on Hogwarts, Are you a Hufflepuff? If you are a werewolf at the apocalypse, Are you a Bone Gnawer? I LOOOVE me some good factions, I never liked Good and evil being absolutes on D&D and Ravnica has 10 factions, who are important for the world and your characters, they are distint and any of them can be heroic or villanous.
- Tied to MTG: Half my group never really played MTG, Half the group never played a lot of D&D, to be able to mix them up, has been great.

Anyway, so far those are my thoughts, What do you think about it?