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Thread: Thoughts in regards to Ravnica

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    The Golgari are easily the most helpful neutral necromancers I've read. I mean, they take care of sewage and give away free food. Their corrupt leadership mostly just assassinates their corrupt leadership, too. So efficient!

    The Orzhov, well, I remember in the first Guildpact cards they were about redeeming vampires, but I suppose in hundreds of years they've lost the battle against their nature and become predatory urserers. Lawful Evil at it's purest.

    The Gruul can't be transposed to another setting, unless that setting is also a megacity. They are every roving tribe of hunters smushed into a space too tight for hunters, even if it looks empty to city folk. Any nomadic peoples analogue like the plains people of Krynn and the Gruagarch elves of Faerun would become Gruul or else assimilate and lose their ways in Ravnica.

    The Rakdos are... the nicest demon worshipers you will ever.. snrk ha ha ha HA HA HA HAH HA!
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