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But I have to partially disagree with you about alignment. While I can see half the factions being easily portrayed in either a positive or a negative light (Azorius, Boros, Izzet, Selesnya, and Simic), I think that giving a heroic interpretation to the other half would require some seriously twisty loop-de-loops or a full rewrite (Dimir, Golgari, Gruul, Orzhov, and Rakdos). Yes, some of them are very important to the survival of the city, and may count some good people among their members, but they are utterly corrupt organizations.
I'll take a moment to explain how to portray those guilds against the roles you described:
Azorios and Boros: Authoritarian *******s who want to get rid of anyone who doesn't live according to their rules.
Izzet and Simic: crazy scientists, perfectly willing to destroy Ravnica because of some ambition.
Selesnya: The Borg, or maybe Stalin taking control of the guild.
Dimir: Cool spies, ready to defend Ravnican citizens against enemies they aren't even aware of.
Golgari: the hippies who take care of all the trash in Ravnica, sure they stink, but they do what they must.
Gruul: Ravnica needs nature, that's the whole conflict in the setting, Gruul goals are noble and needed.
Orzhov: money makes the world work.
Rakdos: heroes who defend freedom!

Not to say that you are wrong with your interpretation either, just that multiple are possible.

In regards to the actual lore; azorius and Simic are often evil. While Rakdos and Orzhov are always on the side of Ravnica.

Part of the fun for me is finding these reasons to have somewhat unlikely heroes and villains.