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    Default Re: Dilemma between rogue/wizard or Arcane Trickster or fighter/rogue?

    With a brand new player, I'm inclined to go with Fighter/Rogue, or even just a straight DEX-based Fighter with some specific skills and thieves tools proficiency from their Criminal/Urban Bounty Hunter/Urchin background. Fewer fiddly bits requiring hand-holding from the rest of the group.

    Casters in general, and Wizards in particular, require a lot more bookkeeping, research, and knowledge of game mechanics. Martial classes, especially a Thief Rogue and/or Champion Fighter, are much more straightforward, and therefore better for brand new players.

    Quote Originally Posted by Corsair14 View Post
    Personally I don't mind them not having a source for Identify or at least Detect Magic, but being the DM I know they have already went and sold several minor magic items they didn't know about.
    If you're worried about them missing magic items, give the magic-attuned Sorcerer or trained spellcaster Cleric the opportunity for an Arcana or even Perception check to notice the subtle signs of magical energy on/around the item. You don't have to be explicit... If you have a copy of their character sheet, or just know ahead of time what their skill bonus would be, you simply ask them for a generic d20 roll when needed, or roll the d20 yourself behind the screen. You can do that when they're near the item, or during a later short/long rest when they're carting the item back to town. They don't need to know that it's pertaining to a specific item, or that it's a specific skill check. If it succeeds, you clue them in that it seems to be magical. If it fails, you let it go with no further explanation.

    Then once they know it's magical, any character can identify a magic item just by concentrating on it for 1 hour, or identify a magic potion just by tasting a tiny drop of it. (DMG pg. 136 under "Identifying a Magic Item") It doesn't specifically require the Identify spell like earlier editions.

    Going this route, the party doesn't require either Detect Magic or Identify.
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