After posting all 4 races at once and getting no replies, I'm trying this approach of posting 1 race at time, so here's the third one.

Spoiler: Sky Aspect
+2 Str, +2 Wis

Medium size: As medium size, Aspects gain no bonuses or penalties based on their size.

Speed: 30ft land speed, 30ft fly speed (Average maneuverability). Note that winged creatures carrying more than light load cannot fly.

Racial Hit Dice: An Aspect has two levels of Outsider, which provide 2d8 Hit Dice, a base attack bonus of +2, and base saving throw bonuses of +3 to Fortitude, Reflex, and Will.

Racial Skills: An Aspect's Outsider levels give it skill points equal to 5 x (8 + Int modifier).

Racial Feat: An Aspectís Outsider levels give it one feat.

Native Outsiders - Aspects are Outsiders with the [Native] subtype.

Low-light vision

Skills: A Sky Aspectís wings grant her +4 racial bonus to Tumble and Balance checks made on land, as well as a +8 racial bonus on Jump and Climb checks. Meanwhile, her eyes grant her +4 racial bonus to Spot checks.

Slow Fall (Ex): As long as her wings are unbound, a Sky Aspect can always slow down her falls much like a Feather Fall spell. This ability requires no action on the part of the Sky Aspect.

Lord of the sky (Sp): A Sky Aspectís connection with the winds allow her to use the following Spell-like Abilities. Her caster level for them is equal to her character level.
1/day Updraft (Spell compendium), 2/day Gust of Wind

Unusual body type: Because of their wings, armor and clothing always has to be adapted for them, which costs as much as the base price of the armor or clothing.

Spoiler: The logic behind the Sky Aspect
The race is built to be an archer, if not for the Ability score bonuses. I really didnít want to give them +2 Dex, especially since theyíre not supposed to be graceful fliers, because it would make them even more unbeatable as archers. They still work wonders with throwing weapons, and throwing builds need all the help they can get, so I went for +2 Str instead.

Last time I posted, someone commented that flight isnít good for a race because it can be acquired with Shape Soulmeld: Airstep Sandals. Well, Airstep Sandals isnít at will flight by any measure. Itís super restricted, in fact. I view flying more as undispellable Overland Flight, which is awesome.

Thereís no way to not compare this race to raptorans, which have no RHD. So, for 2 (pretty good) RHD, you get at will flight from ECL 3 instead of ECL 10. A full 7 levels earlier. Also +4 ability score bonuses and some decent spell-like abilities that can very well save your butt. Honestly, Iíd say itís more than fair, especially since Outsider HD is very nice.

So, what LA should this race get? Again, remember that it already has RHD.

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