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    Link to old version.

    This isn't exactly standard format, but it's easier for me to track stuff on.

    Spoiler: General format










    Spoiler: Main Characters

    Spoiler: Jason

    Name: Jason Fisher
    Gender: normally Male, currently Female.
    Age: 23
    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Status: Currently turned into an attractive woman by a curse. Looking for a cure.

    Summary: Powersuit wearing superhero, affiliated with NERD. Uses holograms and hardlight.

    Appearance: Jason is a young man of middling height with light brown hair cut very short. He wears a super suit which is a bright blue with a red visor, and is styled like ancient Greek armor.
    Since being turned into a woman, Jason's appearance has changed. She's significantly shorter, very curvy, and has shoulder-length hair.

    Personality: Jason is the sort of person who's always willing to lend a helping hand. He's generous, light-hearted, etc. However, he's also especially cautious and generally very worried about accidentally hurting someone. Both of these traits manifest in the extremes in his heroic identity.

    Equipment: Jason wears a powersuit with a few abilities. Its right arm is a laser cannon which can be set to "kill," "stun," "cut," or "force." The force beam has a large pushing force, although it is as powerful as the killing beam, its energy is used to push the target away rather than burn through it. Fired at a wall or floor, the recoil from this blast is capable of propelling Jason at high speeds through the air. The suit is also equipped with rocket boots that let Jason run and jump higher and faster than normal.

    Abilities: Jason is clever and creative, and often capable of new and interesting inventions. However, he has no superhuman powers to speak of.



    Spoiler: Kothar

    Name: Kothar
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Alignment: Lawful Good

    Status: Normal

    Summary: Lizardfolk paladin and father. Often found with his son.

    Appearance: Kothar is a tall lizardman, with green scales and an orange crest. He wears a pair of black leather goggles with glowing green lenses, a silver shield with a platinum lightning bolt design on it, a belt made from giant skin, and a pair of brown canvas shorts. He wields an arbalest and an iron battleaxe inlaid with golden flame designs.

    Personality: Kothar is a true paladin, loyal to his goddess, Tlacua, the mother goddess of the lizardfolk. His paladin's beliefs are colored by his upbringing as a tribal huntsman; he eats the corpses of fallen foes and is not unwilling to use ambush tactics. He is gruff and somewhat ill-tempered. Kothar will not compromise his values or knowingly work with evildoers.

    Equipment: Kothar's equipment is magical. The goggles allow him to see in pitch darkness. The axe can burst into magical flame. The shield grants incredibly effective protection against magical effects. The belt gives Kothar the strength of a giant. Kothar also has nonmagical gear, such as a number of javelins, an arbalest (heavy crossbow), climbing gear, and travel rations.

    Abilities: Kothar is a paladin, devoted to the goddess Tlacua. He has divine healing power and the ability to strike evil with holy power. He is highly resistant to magic, even without his shield, and is immune to mind-altering magical effects. He is able to summon an intelligent elk which serves as his mount. Kothar is an expert at fighting with a shield, able to block effects most would find impossible to avoid and to use the shield as an offensive weapon.

    Background: Kothar was a member of an adventuring party in a world called Tellus. His group battled a beholder and his minions, and came out victorious. Kothar found his way to the Nexus accidentally after retiring.


    Spoiler: Sekhmet

    Name: Sekhmet Winifred Ingenia Octothorpe
    Also: Sakiril-Ess, Toktr Etsa Korrel, Kodira Myn-Erl, Nolvilik Kendek, Resyr Lotaka, Okaril-Ess, Keyra Dogetal. (Fated One, Daughter of the Queen of Poison, Princess of the Scorching Depths, Unwilling Convert, Fiery Protector, Rebellious One, Lady of Forgiveness)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 18
    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Status: In hiding from her mother.

    Summary: Half-fiendish apprentice golemcrafter and blacksmith, with magical talents in illusion, energy control, and telepathy.

    Appearance: Sekhmet was a young Tiefling woman with a modest figure. Her skin is dark red, her horns are like a gazelle's, and she has a barbed, devilish tail. Her long black hair is usually tied back into a ponytail. She usually wears modest clothes.
    Now, she's changed. Her most basic appearance remains the same, but she has grown a pair of batlike wings and two extra pairs of horns. Her eyes are now pitch black. She has patches of armor on her body: on her back, her midriff, and her hands and forearms. The armor resemble leather or chitin, marked with fiery patterns. Her tail has become a poisonous stinger, and her hands and feet are clawed.

    Personality: Sekhmet is shy and comes off as cowardly. She is afraid of people due to prejudice against her kind in her homeworld, and will usually flee if confronted. Beyond that, she is caring and gentle, with a hunger for knowledge. She is studious and hardworking. She has very low self-esteem.

    Equipment: Very little. Sekhmet was not prepared when she got blasted into the Nexus. She had.nothing but the clothes she was wearing. Now she has collected a lot more clothes, carved herself a magic wand, and keeps whatever useful things she has in her purse.

    Abilities: Sekhmet has weak natural fiendish magic, but she also is a mage of some level, although not especially strong. Her magic is not very useful in combat. She is best at disguise spells. The changes in her nature have greatly enhanced her power, although to what extent is not clear yet; they have also made it far easier for her to manipulate and create fire and other sorts of energy. She has also gained telepathic powers allowing her to speak to and read minds.

    Background: Sekhmet was found as a young child by a gnomish couple. They adopted her and raised her as their own (although she calls them Auntie and Uncle). As Sekhmet grew, they secretly taught her some of their skills, since it was illegal for the spawn of evil (Tieflings, in this case) to get guild training. Sekhmet grew in knowledge and skill. She rarely left her home, mainly because it would be dangerous for a Tiefling to be out on the streets. When she was 15, she did sneak out, under a disguise spell, but it broke when she lost concentration in a crowd. A mob formed, and captured her. She was publicly whipped, and kept prisoner, and barely managed to escape. The experience haunts her to this day and colors most of her interactions with people. She will almost never go out in public alone unless disguised and avoids any chance of losing control of her spells. When disguised, she goes by one of her middle names to further conceal her true nature.

    While in the Nexus, Sekhmet made some friends, started living at GLoG and began to work at Pontius' Custom Constructs as an apprentice. She began to slowly overcome her fear of other people and her devilish heritage, but after an incident with an alien hive beneath Inside (which you can read here, starting on post 789), her heritage was dragged to the forefront of her being, and she was transformed into a more fiendish form, which has left her once again afraid to show her face in public. Since then, she has mostly come to terms with her new fiendish and alien natures, and has begun to use them to her advantage. At the same time, her fiendish mother arrived in the Nexus looking for her.


    Spoiler: Tethrik

    Name: Tethrik
    Gender: Male
    Age: Really darn old. Several millennia.
    Alignment: N

    Status: Missing in Action

    Summary: Space demon berserker. Not as evil as you expect.

    Appearance: Tethrik is an ogre-sized, four-armed demon with dark green, leathery skin. His upper arms end in wicked, serrated blades, and the lower forearms are covered in small, razor-sharp spines. His head is humanoid in appearance, but bald, with an armored bone plate covering the forehead and the top and back of the head. His ears are pointed, like an elf's. Tethrik has a thick, heavy tail that helps him balance. Tethrik normally wears a t-shirt and jeans tailored to his frame.

    Personality: Tethrik is sarcastic and aggressive. Like many of his kind, he's happiest when fighting and killing, but he tries to restrain himself. Despite his outwardly frightening appearance and demeanor, he is quite friendly.

    Equipment: Tethrik has very little. He has the clothes on his back and a pouch of rubies he stole from his former boss. He carries the remains of an iron bracelet that had been locked on his arm as part of his punishment. He also has numerous alien and/or magical weapons hidden within a bag of holding.

    Abilities: Tethrik is much faster than one would expect from a creature of his size, faster than a normal humanoid, and also, of course, strong as an ogre. As a demon, he has an innate resistance to nonmagical weapons not made of iron. He is also immune to fire and many forms of nonmagical poison. Iron burns Tethrik to the touch, and is quite agonizing for him. He can sense supernatural entities nearby him, and can tell whether they are demons. He has minor demonic magic, such as conjuring hellfire and detecting magic.



    Spoiler: Minor Characters

    Spoiler: Dave

    Name: David Lastname
    Gender: Male
    Age: 24
    Alignment: LN

    Status: Exploring a spooky forest and impersonating a nobleman.

    Summary: Aggressively normal man. Spooky stuff doesn't belong in his universe.

    Appearance: A young man with messy, dark brown hair.

    Personality: Dave hates and only barely believes in all things supernatural. For quite some time he was unable to see them at all.

    Equipment: Right now, a dagger and a revolver.

    Abilities: None whatsoever.

    Background: Irrelevant.


    Spoiler: Eao

    Name: Eao
    Gender: Female
    Age: 12. Days.
    Alignment: CN

    Status: Looking for adventuring companions.

    Summary: A seraph created from a damaged robot. Seeking allies to destroy her former compatriots and prevent them from attacking the Nexus.

    Appearance: Complicated. A hybrid of a dragon and a young deer, studded with eyes which are dark and rimmed with white flesh, looking like black holes in their accretion disks. She has six wings, two large pairs coming from her shoulders and hips, and a small pair attached to the back of her head. She has a draconic tail and a series of ridges running up her spine. Her scales are black and triangular on her belly, and round and pearly white on her back, with light faintly leaking from the cracks.

    Personality: Eao is entirely curious. She always wants to learn and explore more, and records everything in her journal. She has a strong interest in poetry, and a good portion of said journal is composed of amateur poems.

    Equipment: A high quality sword, a journal, and various odds and ends she's collected.

    Abilities: Eao has many powers. She can change the configuration of her body to suit different tasks. She can also fly, climb on walls, and travel short distances through 4-dimensional space, allowing her to bypass walls and other barriers. For utilities, she can read any language and store objects in an extradimensional space. She has a sort of empathy with machines, and is able to understand their function and status by touching them. For combat, she is endowed with razor-sharp wings, and can breathe out energy in a powerful blast.

    Background: Will write later.


    Spoiler: Sapphira

    Name: Sapphira. But that's not her true name.
    Gender: Chooses to appear as a female.
    Age: She fell before the universe began.
    Alignment: NE

    Status: Searching for her daughter.

    Summary: Sekhmet's mother seeks her daughter for an unknown, sinister plan.

    Appearance: A beautiful woman with red skin, pitch-black eyes, a crown of six large horns, a long stinger tail, and a pair of wide, batlike wings.

    Personality: She doesn't let on much, but she is a liar, a conspirator, and a betrayer.

    Equipment: Sapphira is able to conjure any mundane items she might need.

    Abilities: Sapphira is incredibly powerful in magic. She can manipulate energy and minds with ease, shift her shape, conjure planar portals, and grant lesser versions of those powers to mortals.

    Background: Utterly unknown.

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