In any game/module that does not have insta-kill traps, you don't necessarily need a Rogue and you certainly don't need one with dips/multi-class that are sub-optimal. Given the choices you've presented, I will provide my opinion of each. Rogue/Wizard is only viable if the Rogue is an Arcane Trickster and dips two levels into Bladesinger Wizard. Fighter/Rogue is an alternative to straight Fighter but you lose out on a 2nd/3rd/4th attack depending on the amount of Fighter levels. In addition, a Rogue's Sneak Attack can only be used with a finesse or ranged weapon (which heavily favor Dex builds). An Arcane Trickster Rogue is a good choice, especially with a single level dip in Fighter for Fighting Style: Archery (Ranged builds only).

In my opinion, a Paladin would be a great choice for this new player as it is easy to play, fills the role of tank, and introduces said player to spellcasting.