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    Default Re: Return of the MTG: Vanishing Three Card Blind - Once upon a time there was a 3CB

    Probably a mistake or two, especially with Fable.

    Eurus beats Tom, loses to everyone else.

    Ninjaman beats Eurus, Korith and Fable, loses to Gauntlet and Tom

    Korith beats Eurus, loses to Ninjaman and Fable(?), draws with Gauntlet and Tom

    Fable beats Eurus, Gauntlet(?) and Korith(?), loses to Ninjaman and Tom(?)

    Gauntlet beats Eurus and Ninjaman, draws with Korith and Tom, loses to Fable(?)

    Tom beats Ninjaman and Fable(?), draws with Korith and Gauntlet, loses to Eurus

    So it could be Ninjaman, Gauntlet or Fable depending on the race results I've got a question mark on. I think Ninjaman and Fable share first and Gauntlet and I share third but it's questionable.

    I think this is how my race with Fable goes:

    T1: Dryad and cocoon. Fountains of Cho played
    Counters build up
    T4: History of Benalia
    T5: If Fable swings with the Knight, it's blocked and the dryad stops growing but a 4/7 or 5/8 (play or draw) can outrace enough before history can be played again.
    T6: If Fables swings with the knights he loses one and deals 4, stopping the Dryad at a 5/7 or 6/8 but again would lose the race.
    T7: Dryad starts swinging as a 7/9 and while chump blocking at the end allows history to be cast again, I think there's enough pressure that it still wins the race.

    On play I think Gauntlet almost scrapes a win against Fable by blocking when the knights are boosted but not quite.

    Edit: Missed the Ninjama/Korith draw with only destroying non-basics so he gets one cast off which is enough to salvage the draw.
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