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Sorry, but this is your fault, not the players'. From the DMG: "Whatever a magic item's appearance, handling the item is enough to give a character a sense that something is extraordinary about it."

Unless you really want your players to unwittingly screw themselves, you need to notify them. In fact, they may have already been aware of the above quote, so assumed they weren't magical because you didn't tell them anything.
I am a bit more old school, very powerful items might be faintly obvious but minor magical items are indistinguishable from standard items. The fact this was a shiny ornate ring(I went into detail on its construction(I am a bench jeweler as a hobby) found on a dead, perfectly preserved body in a highly magic tomb should have hinted at its properties. Their loss. They actually have several magic items they are using but do not know they are magic and I still use master crafted as a item type left over from 3rd(a 19 is a crit on weapons, and on armor its 25% lighter and the max dex bonus goes up by 1).

As for traps, there are some very lethal traps further into the campaign as they are going after a cult which delighted in outsmarting lesser people and really enjoys using traps and puzzles. So when they are on the primary campaign path, its really important to have a rogue who can find and possibly disarm them.

I will say, the fey paladin thing had a real draw seeing as the method I had of inserting the character into the party revolved around a dream from a fey and dire warnings about what could happen. While I am aware its not optimal, thinking 2 levels of rogue and the start on a paladin path might be a good idea. As a gnome, using shortswords or rapiers would be the equivalent of a human using a longsword. I am more concerned with good story than I am optimization. Thankfully the players do not seem to be power gamer types except maybe the kid and I don't punish that due to him making really dumb mistakes in game. Its rare he is standing at the end of a fight without me even trying to kill him.