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    Default Re: Dilemma between rogue/wizard or Arcane Trickster or fighter/rogue?

    Honestly, just plain Wizard would work just fine for this. Go Bladesinger, be tankier than the Fighter next door as long as you have 1st level slots open (Shield/Absorb Elements) with Supertankmode 2/short rest, pick a melee cantrip, go to town. Background like Criminal/Spy can shore up the Rogue part easily enough doubly so since all the relevant stuff is keyed either off Intelligence or Dexterity, your primary stats (with the singular exception being Perception, but you have yourself and your familiar so you at least get two rolls at it, and you can easily enough get proficiency in Thieves' Tools, Investigation, Perception and Stealth this way). You can even use Enhance Ability from the UA extra spells to further boost these when necessary and Skill Empowerment too if you really wanna crank it up. And you have control to throw around while at it. Overall a very solid package.

    Aereni Elf would be a good choice for Expertise in either Perception or Stealth (your choice, Perception probably more universally applicable but Stealth is very good too). Stats could be 8/16/15/16/10/8 planning on Resilient: Con for 16 Con and then just pumping Dex/Int (Alert may be worth picking up for the ability to use vision denial magic as automatic Disadvantage to all enemies). Alternatively, if you managed to roll decently, you could maybe even get a freebie and thus be able to get 20 Dex/Int and 16 Con with Alert and Resilient: Con, which would be quite perfect. Of course, there's nothing wrong with additional feats if you can swing them. You can use many feats to decent effect, Warcaster being obviously interesting for the AoO Booming Blades, and weapon style feats being decent (though your restriction to one-handed melee weapons makes you less able to take advantage of them, as PAM and GWM are the two really worthwhile melee feats and you have access to neither). But Resilient: Con and Alert are the two best feats bar none, and Resilient: Con is nigh' necessary to ensure you can maintain your Concentration on key spells (this puts you at +8 on level 13, which suffices to make the standard DC10 check on a roll of 2). Con-saves are also pretty high frequency and often extremely brutal on failed saves so it's just a good thing to have in general (and the extra Con isn't exactly hurting either, putting you at quite reasonable +3 Con).
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