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    The Lion
    Conditions: 4 (not Afraid); -2 to Everything but Directly Engage
    Potential: 3/5
    Spoiler: Labels
    • Freak: +1
    • Danger: 0
    • Savior: +1
    • Superior: -1
    • Mundane: +2
    Spoiler: Moves
    • [X]Words of the past: When you seek the guidance of one of your elders or a member of your legacy, tell them a problem you face, and ask them a question about the problem. They will answer it honestly, and tell you what to do. Take +1 ongoing if you listen. If you go your own way, mark potential.
    • [X]Never give up, never surrender: When you take a powerful blow from someone with far greater power than you, use this move instead of the basic move. Roll + Savior. On a hit, you stand strong and choose one. On a 7-9, mark a condition.

    "No, Zero... I'm quite sure that, uh, gold is golden. Silence... is probably just, like, some sort of… opaque transparent or something.” He pauses, and the slightest grin crosses his face. “Anyway, I should know what gold looks like, I have certainly owned more than quite enough of the sordid stuff." He rolls his eyes and mimes at stuffing a crown on his head, then a noose or choking him until he flicks off the crown and immediately starts faux-brushing off his shoulders and gasping for air like a newly un-drowning man.

    His typical attempts to play the fool, though certainly more morose than normal, are interrupted by GZ's sudden change of tone to an empathetic one. Mosi smiles back at him briefly, realizing that he might not come off as quite himself. Still, he jumps back into the task at hand, determined not to get distracted.

    -= * * * =-

    As he takes trip after trip, a sinking feeling rises in Mosi’s gut. Sure, the team had managed to secure the evacuation of the civilians on the ground level, but relations with the Guardians had quickly gone from incendiary to outright disintegrated. The Lion sighs; he couldn’t help but feel responsible in choosing to back Hikari up over establishing diplomacy. Everyman would be disappointed. Shut-up. Anyway, this was hardly the ideal way for their latest interaction with another supergroup — let alone the established authorities — to go. As far as he was immediately aware, the enemy was united even if they were supposedly cornered. The heroes’ division could still threaten to spell disaster for the mission.

    "Wait, I'm sorry. We--" But it's too late, Snow Fox has already stormed off, junior Guardians in tow. The Lion groans. Sekhmet! Difficult people, being difficult. Go figure. A thought that the ex-prince repeats rather quickly and unceremoniously as he rejoins the discussing group with a reluctant half-step, when he hears GZ describe his plan as such a poor idea that it could be called Lion-esque. Mosi glares daggers at him for an instant, but immediately breaks.

    His shoulders slump. He shrugs. Raises his hand.

    “Can I just be excused from class? I’d rather not die today. Er, that is…” He feels a sinking pit of unease in his gut as he looks up at the high-rise and the word ‘meatgrinder’ flashes through his head. “Uh, ’Kari, as long as it's okay with you, I'd... I’d prefer to stay behind to protect Sunburst, help clear the wounded… and we'll make sure there’s no backup, for them or worse. For us... He lets his comment breathe, clearing reminding the team of the seemingly lethal results of the last time their team received backup from another hero. But the illusions of time, and the safety in which to contemplate their plans and past are seeming stolen as Sunburst’s massive glowing barrier continues to be shot at and blasted at, in-unison. The framing of the Yojimbo is obscured a little, filled as it is with dust and debris as the their heads are bombed over and Ronin and Tsunami discuss what to do. Mosi looks at Sunburst, a little concerned as he sees the strain of their attacks on her increase and increase and…

    “Oh, sod it. Come on!!” He shakes a likely unseen fist up at the villains in frustration, before flash-turning to Tsunami. He grabs the shorter boy’s shoulder and brings him in close. “You have the right idea, Tsu’. We just need to push in and do… something. Anything. Or we’re just gonna end up being complicit in everything that we’ve been complaining about.” He starts to mobilize, stepping forward into the street. He turns and pulls out his spear with a flourish.

    “Everybody! It’s time that we do what it is that we do. We let the Guardians do their thing, and we will handle what’s leftover inside the building. The important part isn't just that we get inside, or upside, or whatever it is we’re gonna do — but that we do it, and that we do it, now! We can’t waste the opportunity that Sunburst’s buying for us; so we’ll plan as we go up the building. That’s more our style anyway, yeah? Besides, the more that we delay... the lower our chance of ensuring one hundred percent hostage survival. And we can’t accept anything less. No. We won’t.” He shakes his head, saying the last few words with a half-founded confidence. But Mosi still can’t bring himself to step forward conclusively into the killing field as Sunburst’s shield takes a beating above him. So he urges his friends forward in front of him with a wave and a nod.
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