Conditions: Hopeless
Potential: 1/5

Spoiler: Labels
  • Danger: +1
  • Freak: +2
  • Savior: +0
  • Superior: +0
  • Mundane: +0

Spoiler: Burn and Flares
Held Burn



You call up a fast protective field to stop a danger. Spend 1 burn to defend someone else from an immediate threat, rolling +Freak instead of +Saviour.


Spend 1 burn to create a barrier that will hold back threats as long as you keep your attention on it. The GM may call for you to spend another burn if the barrier is threatened by particularly powerful enemies.

Reality Storm

You channel a destructive burst with your powers. Spend 1 burn to directly engage a threat using your powers, rolling +Freak instead of +Danger. If you do, you will cause unwanted collateral damage unless you spend another burn.


Spend 1 burn to use your powers to seize any one object up to the size of a person from someone within view.


Wish I could be - When you comfort or support someone, if you tell them what you most envy about them, you can roll +Freak instead of +Mundane.

Unstoppable - When you smash your way through scenery to get to or get away from something, roll +Danger. On a hit, the world breaks before you, and you get what you want. On a 7-9, choose one: mark a condition, leave something behind, or take something with you. On a miss, you smash through, but leave devestation in your wake or wind up somewhere worse, GM's choice.

Lanuola finds that the conversation happening between her team and the Junior Guardians grows progressively harder to pay attention to. The shots ringing out against her barrier providing a steadily greater drain on her. By the time the discussion has turned to whether or not they should keep holding them in now that all but the hostages themselves are out of harm's way, she's starting to shake at the abruptly increased level of fire coming at her.

"G-guys, I can't keep holding this. W-we need to get out o-of sight of the building."

Following her own advice, she takes steady steps to the corner of a building and, once she was confident everyone was safely out of sight, drops her barrier.