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    Default Re: Return of the MTG: Vanishing Three Card Blind - Once upon a time there was a 3CB

    Results of Return round 12.

    First: Fable Wright
    Second place: Korith, Gauntlet, Tom the Mime
    Fifth place: Ninjaman
    Sixth place: Eurus

    Ban list for Return round 13.
    Spoiler: Ban list for Return round 13
    Land: Bayou; Blackcleave Cliffs; Blooming Marsh; Celestial Colonnade; City of Traitors; Geier Reach Sanitarium; Ghost Quarter; Hall of Heliod's Generosity; Karakas; Mishra's Factory; Mishra's Workshop; Shelldock Isle; Strip Mine; Tropical Island.

    Artifact/Colourless: Black Lotus; Blacker Lotus; Dispatch Dispensary; Emrakul, the Aeons Torn; Karn, the Great Creator; Lion's Eye Diamond; Liquimetal Coating; Lodestone Golem; Lotus Petal; Lupine Prototype; Mana Crypt; Mirrored Lotus; Mox Pearl; Mox Sapphire; Sol Ring; The Rack; Time Vault; Voltaic Key.

    White: Chancellor of the Annex; History of Benalia; Serra Ascendant; Thalia, Guardian of Thraben; The Cheese Stands Alone.

    Blue: Jace, Wielder of Mysteries; Laboratory Maniac; Leyline of Anticipation; Piracy Charm; Thassa's Oracle.

    Black: Blackmail; Cabal Therapy; Mind Swords; Spike, Tournament Grinder; Street Wraith.

    Red: Wrench-Rigger.

    Green: Collector Ouphe; Crashing Footfalls; Llanowar Mentor; Young Wolf.

    Gold: Meddling Mage; Research // Development.

    Please submit decks for Return round 13 to me in forum private message. Please mention that they're for round 13.

    Please also propose the special rule for round 15 in this thread, so that we can pick one in time. To kick this off, a popular suggestion from the previous round is Peace, suggested by Ninjaman: creatures can't attack.

    Update 2020-02-25 19:41: removed Fountain of Cho from the ban list. It's excempt from getting banned because it's a winning deck according to our rules (as Gauntlet warned me), and I just wasn't paying attention when preparing the ban list.
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