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second, and that's a minor nitpick, is an autocannon really 3d10 damage? that seems absurdly overpowered, but everywhere i've looked, it's the same 3d10 profile. the thing hits harder than a meltagun or a heavy bolter. in the tabletop game, back when i played, an autocannon was pretty much on par with a plasma gun give or take, but a melta beat both in terms of power. so i'm a bit conflused.

when you play, do you stat out atmospheric vehicles, and if so how? i was planning of giving them access to a civilian shuttle, with maybe on chase scene, but i haven't seen anything relevant for what i had in mind. i might be using rogue trader's rules for voidships if the players insist on going in that kind of direction, but if not, i'll handwave it unless you guys have an easy mechanic.

any and all help is really appreciated. i'm a bit nervous, to be honest.
The original autocannon profile was 4d10. It was too good, so they nerfed it in subsequent appearances. There's a couple factors, here. First, while it does hit harder than a Meltagun, it's still worse against heavily armoured targets due to the comparatively low AP value. Second, autocannons are regularly mounted on vehicles, or used as light anti-vehicle weapons. Third, Heavy Bolters have been notoriously underpowered for what they are in basically every game line except Deathwatch. Finally, the tabletop game is a terrible metric by which to judge anything in the RPGs, due to the drastically reduced granularity of the system itself.

Several of the books have rules for atmospheric vehicles, most notably Rogue Trader. Vehicles in general have always been a bit of a handwave-worthy area, so just having them roll Pilot or something is a perfectly acceptable means of proceeding.