@morty and yersul: thank you for your input, glad i'm going the right way with my train of thought.

new question: i plan on having a band of dark eldar do a small raid. i've found stats for their splinter weaponry, but nothing on the raider or it's onboard dark lance. is there a profile for those things in the extensions? it took me about 2 hours just to find profiles for orks and grots. do i just reskin eldar guardians and swap out the shuriken catapults? the plan for context is basically have a dark eldar cabal be hired to steal gear but leaving the corpses behind in exchange for kidnapped slaves through the planetary defenses, leaving the clue that something is seriously wrong on a forge world since dark eldar don't bother with gear but leave few corpses. they will interrupt one of those raids, furthering the investigation. i don't plan on them wiping out all the raiders, just glimpse them. in this case, i also plan them to potentially chase the vehicle, which is why i was worried about vehicle armor points. there's also the potential chance they get on a high speed chase with one of the corrupt gang-bosses organizing the large amount of weapons being stolen.