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Thread: [Masks] San Fransapporo: After Dark

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    Conditions: Angry
    Potential: 1/5

    Spoiler: Labels
    • Freak: +1
    • Danger: +3
    • Savior: -2
    • Superior: +2
    • Mundane: -1

    Spoiler: Moves
    • [X] Devil or Angel on My Shoulder: When you provoke a teammate to violent action or drastic measures as your Hero Persona, roll with your Alias Label. When you discourage a teammate from going overboard or making an action they canít take back as your Alias Persona, roll + your Hero Label.
    • [X]Save the Light: When you step in to intervene, help a civilian, or stop a threat roll + your Hero label. On a miss, youíre made to look the fool. Mark a Condition and give ground. On a hit, youíve got someoneís attention. Use it as an opportunity or provoke them to action. On a 10+ your foe must respond in kind or flee.
    • [X]Captain: When you enter battle as a team, add an extra Team to the pool and carry +1 forward if you are the leader.
    • [X]Been Reading the Files: Youíve learned about the superhuman world through your mentorís resources. When you first encounter an important superpowered phenomenon (your call), roll + Superior. On a hit, tell the team one important detail youíve learned from your studies. The GM will tell you what, if anything, seems different from what you remember. On a 10+, ask the GM a follow-up question; they will answer it honestly. On a miss, the situation is well outside your base of knowledge; the GM will tell you why.

    As the team huddles, Hikari waits for everybody to give their input. She was on thin ice with some of them, whether she felt she deserved it or not. It was important to make sure they all felt heard, even if they would look to her for the final call. There were some questionable approaches being put forward, but some workable stuff too. GZ holding Lion back isn't something she would have expected, but it's a nice change of pace. Sunburst's warning cuts the playmaking short, however. "Time's up, people! Take cover!" Hikari falls back behind the line of fire as Sunburst's light screen finally comes down, high-caliber bullets taking chunks out of the concrete around them.

    Holding a hand against her workout earphone to block out some of the sound of gunfire, she broadcasts the rundown. "Sunburst, you did great! No time for Die Hard now. The Guardians have their protocol, they'll handle the hostages in the building. We can't let them get away with White Sparrow. Chase them down, but keep your distance! No collateral damage, no casualties. Run interference, redirect them if you can. We don't want them to get where they want to be. Tsunami, you can track them with your drones? If we can't cut them off, I want eyes on them."

    Spoiler: OOC
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