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    Quote Originally Posted by The Feat
    Prerequisite: Kobold

    You gain proficiency in thieves' tools, or expertise if already proficient.

    You can create and place a Kobold Trap by spending 10 minutes and whatever material/mechanical resources you wish to be a part of the trap's effect.
    Quote Originally Posted by Kobold Trap
    A kobold trap is a dastardly device created by the twisted minds of Kurtulmak's spawn that have clawed their way out of the depths of mediocrity to accomplish something truly great with their miserable lives. Such a trap is beyond the skills of mortal craftsman, utilizing instinctive techniques kobolds can employ to craft wonders, to make traps that are in a very literal sense extensions of themselves.

    When created, the kobold who created the Kobold Trap will set three things:
    1. Where the trap is located (which must be the same general vicinity as where it was created).
    2. What will trigger the trap to activate.
    3. The effect the triggering creature will suffer.

    The effect in question will be some round's worth of actions that particular kobold is capable of taking - casting spells, making attacks, even using more insidious esoteric class abilities. As long as it could be accomplished by that one kobold in a single round, it can be build into a Kobold Trap. When the trap is triggered, the set actions are taken by the trap as if the trap were the kobold who created it, and it takes these actions against the creature that triggered the trap (as defined by the conditions set during its creation). After the trap has been triggered and the actions have been taken, the trap ceases to function.

    Locating a Kobold Trap requires a Perception or Investigation check with a DC equal to 5 + the Thieves' Tools bonus of the kobold who created the trap, and destroying the Kobold Trap has a similar Thieves' Tools check DC. Disabling a Kobold Trap, such that you can carry it around and redeploy it yourself, has a DC 10 points higher than the previous DCs. Should you choose to disable the Kobold trap, it always weighs 10 lbs, and requires 5 minutes to place.
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