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    Quote Originally Posted by Master O'Laughs View Post
    I had a couple of questions about some sub classes for narrowing down what to play next. They are as follows:

    Samurai Fighter: Is it equally viable as a Sharpshooter or Great Weapon Master?

    Beast Conclave (revised ranger): Between and Ape and a Giant Crab, which is either mechanically superior? Also, if only playing til a max of level 10, could I make do with just 16 Dex and archery fighting style so I could grab 2 feats as a halfling?

    Thanks in advance.
    To answer the question on the Samurai, it depends on whether you're an Elf or not.

    If you can take Elven Accuracy, Sharpshooter is better. Otherwise, go Great Weapon Master.

    Although I'd only go the Elf/Sharpshooter build if your front line wouldn't benefit from a heavy-armored 10HD character with a supply of THP, self-healing, and death denial. Samurai are basically Barbarians in plate, and there's more you can contribute than damage.
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    Prestige Options, changing primary attributes to open a world of new multiclassing.
    Adrenaline Surge, fitting Short Rests into combat to fix bosses/Short Rest Classes.
    Pain, using Exhaustion to make tactical martial combatants.
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