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To answer the question on the Samurai, it depends on whether you're an Elf or not.

If you can take Elven Accuracy, Sharpshooter is better. Otherwise, go Great Weapon Master.

Although I'd only go the Elf/Sharpshooter build if your front line wouldn't benefit from a heavy-armored 10HD character with a supply of THP, self-healing, and death denial. Samurai are basically Barbarians in plate, and there's more you can contribute than damage.
100%... before samurai existed, our table used barbarian as the template/chassis and rage was bushido

Sharpshooter is better... because you just used your BA for fighting spirit and lose out on the free BA attack for a kill or crit but +10 damage makes up for this.

We had an 8th level elf sharpshooter samurai drop like 72damage in a round with action surge, elven accuracy, sharpshooter damage, and crits and fighting spirit... I'm sure there could be more damage also. Like grab magic initiate hex and cast this at the beginning of combat... you have the feats especially since you get wisdom saves at 7th.