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    Quote Originally Posted by Master O'Laughs View Post
    Thank you for the feedback.

    Originally looking at a ranged attacker due to the high likelihood that at least 2 if not all 3 of the other players would create melee characters.

    If it looks like there are more ranged than melee then I will definitely switch it up.

    Currently with the Samurai, I was looking at starting with 17 Dex and Sharpshooter and picking up Elven Accuracy at level 6, maxing Dex at lvl 8.

    If I go the melee route, what feat would you add? GWM @ L4 but then is there another feat worth taking, Heavy Armor master? I am leaning toward Half-orc instead if I go melee. Or am I better off just upping Con as well for more health?
    You probably don't need the additional HP as a Samurai Half-Orc. You're already so durable that +1 HP per level isn't going to make too much of a difference.

    With so many rolls for Advantage (and thus, extra chances for crits), you could do well with Orcish Fury. It allows you to, once per short rest, add a damage die to a successful attack, as well as allow you to make a Reaction attack when you use your Relentless Endurance. The extra damage means your 1d12 on a crit would deal 4d12 damage.

    Resilient is always a classic.

    You could also pick up Martial Adept, to utilize a Short Rest method of granting advantage through knocking a target prone.
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    5th Edition Homebrewery

    Prestige Options, changing primary attributes to open a world of new multiclassing.
    Adrenaline Surge, fitting Short Rests into combat to fix bosses/Short Rest Classes.
    Pain, using Exhaustion to make tactical martial combatants.
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