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Why does the check get harder as you level up?
In the fluff, because what you're capable of building into the trap is more complex. I debated adding some mechanic where you could "build down" (ie a Kobold 12 could build actions into the trap as if they were Kobold 8, less effect but an easier check), but realistically that required keeping track of all your past capabilities and it's honestly just not worth the hassle. The base DC levels such that somebody with proficiency and a leveled attribute will be theoretically capable of failing (but it's a small chance), while somebody with expertise is basically incapable of failing unless they've deliberately tanked their paired attribute (and even that doesn't hurt too much). It also gives a handy way to set the DC for anybody attempting to detect/destroy/disarm the trap.

If you wanted the last part, but didn't want wasted resources to even be a theoretical issue, you could get rid of the check and DC, and just have the detect/destroy/disarm DC be something like 5+/5+/15+ trapmaker's Thieves' Tools bonus.