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There's also no guidance on what conditions will trigger the trap. How open ended do you intend for it to be? Does it trigger whenever a creature enters its space? Maybe allow the trapper to set a minimum weight? For magical effects like a Glyph of Warding you can set all kinds of specific terms for triggering it, but being limited to a mundane physical trigger seems more appropriate here.
There isn't a limit on the conditions because this isn't generic trapmaking - you want that, go crack open Xanathar's. This is Kobold Trapmaking, and it breaks lots of rules - that's why it costs a feat, you could only do this is you're no longer a mere kobold, but an exceptional adventuring kobold. There isn't a direct limit on what the trigger can be, but more a soft-limit based on "the trap has to be able to do what you built into it from where it is". If a Kobold Fighter 20 builds a move, action, and action surge in, but only has melee weapons, then putting in a trigger like "somebody 200 ft away opens this specific door" isn't useful unless the Kobold Fighter could move 200 ft for some reason.

I guess if I wanna make it more clear that this isn't normal trapmaking, I'll build in more explicitly that it's tapping into divine portfolio to accomplish shenanigans.

I feel like lumping expended spell slots in as "resources" isn't as intuitive as you think it is. The use of a trap to cast a spell should be covered explicitly, and yes I'm aware this may contradict my other statements about scaling back the number of words you're employing. Frankly I feel like allowing the traps to cast spells at all is a mistake for a number of reasons, one of which is the complexity of the process and unintended confusion about how that works. Just look at how complicated Glyph of Warding is mechanically, and there are still arguments about what it can and can't do. IMO, you should limit it to using items, which includes weapons to attacks with, like blowguns with poisoned darts, nets, and alchemist's fire, but also things like wands which you could use to create the sort of functionality you desire, and you draw back the complexity significantly.
I feel like if I wanted to make traps using just items I have on hand, that wouldn't be worth a feat since I can already do that using Xanathar trapmaking rules. Opening it up to whatever you could do in a round includes spellcasting on purpose. It includes Stunning Fist on purpose. I'm also not concerned with the complexity - if I have to write 10000 words to properly explain what I want this feat to do, then I'll do that. I'm not gonna change the intention because people don't like reading.

I would also remove the ability to move the trap around: since you need to make a new check to replant the trap anyway, why not just make a new trap? I get that you could make the trap yourself and then get someone else to plant it for you, but this sort of functionality doesn't seem worth the extra complexity to me.
The person who made the trap doesn't need to make a check to replant it, it just takes time. It takes less time to plant the trap the second time. That option exists because this isn't just about you deploy it (or redeploy it), but about how other people interact with it who aren't on your side, which is important if you're using this to defend your own fortress from DMNPCs, but also useful if you're the DM using this on players. It's useful to the kobold for it to be mobile, in that it could be moved quicker than a new one could be built - and if its mobile, rules need to exist for how somebody who isn't the original creator can move it.