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    Default Re: My level 6 party is going to the underdark, I am looking for inspiration

    Quote Originally Posted by FabulousFizban View Post
    they dont have to help the myconids, that is the great part. the party makes a choice, and lives with the consequences.
    I made them encounter a fight between:
    Duergar Despot
    *2 Duergar Warlord
    *3 Duergar Keeper of the Flame
    *7 Duergar Xarrorn
    *8 Duergar Stone Guard


    *3 Duergar Spore Servant
    *5 Myconid Sprout
    *8 Myconid Adult
    Myconid Sovereign

    They got there after talking with followers of Eilistraee that tolled them that the Drow are starting to disturb because the Duergar are not fighting them over territory.

    They saw the Duergar party overpowering the Myconids. They failed the knowledge check about who are the Myconids so they didin't know who was the greater and lesser evil in the fight(They were able to see the Myconid Sovereign create Duergar Spore Servants).
    They started by attacking the backlane of the Duergars. after that only 3 Myconid Adult were still alive from the Myconid side + 2 new Duergar Spore Servant.

    After communicating with the Myconid Adult they were invited to the Myconid home. The party wanted to block the Duergar way to the Myconid home so the Duergar will have to resume the fighting with the Drow.

    it end with all the myconid and Duergar dead after 6 almost TPKs in the fight.

    Thank you for your help :) It was a great game today :)
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