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Id like to be added to the schedule to run a d&d themed game
Added to queue.

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Psst, Caerulea, you can start recruitment now...
Regardless of whether Durzan is busy or not, I think my original spot that I gave to Caerulea was ahead of Durzan in the first place.
Caerulea's already been PM'd and replied in the affirmative, not to worry.

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Any idea what we can do to help with the issue of Town inactivity? That is, of folk leaving the game?

I know real life happens, and in PbP especially it can have a lot of folk dropping off. But it seems both in the X-Men game and the Wizards game, an inactive Town was a major critical flaw and part of the wolf victory. I didn't mind personally, as I was a wolf in those games, but it does seem unfair and makes the game less like it should be. That is, there's too much an element of 'luck' in "who is going to ghost" impacting the game as opposed to the intel-gathering and paranoia that usually governs a game.

(As gac3 got confirmation from every poster, the forums being down wasn't the issue in the X-Men game.)

I guess there's not much to do, and this is a growing pain with getting new players in the Mafia culture in the GitP forums. Was there ghosting like this back when this subforum was really active?
Town activity, and a general lack of a player base, has been a problem about as long as I've been playing. Newer players tend to go inactive more than veterans, but the latters not unheard of either (Caerulea kinda ghosted X-Mafia near the end). Generally what can maybe be done to combat inactive/ghosting townies is to put a new player in the wolf team - this gives at least one new player a really important role in the game that'll keep them interested, but also means that the new player balance isn't just "all newbies are townies", which can sometimes (not always, but...sometimes) lead to problems.

It can be discouraging when a game doesn't go as planned, but it's just bad luck, nothing more. A couple games have gone a bit poorly while we're still getting into a groove - not every game is going to be fun, some are gonna be disappointing in some fashion, but we keep going and building the community up, eventually we'll be regularly having games where a couple inactive townies are painful but ultimately survivable.

So invite friends from elsewhere on the forum! Maybe pick up a banner for your signature to show off WW/Mafia to people. I recommend Wolf to you specifically, JeenLeen.