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    Default Thurbane's Extended Signature of 3.5 Stuff

    My lists/indexes:

    Favored Class List

    List of Online Prestige Classes

    List of PrCs with "nonstandard" levels

    Full BAB, 6+ Skill Points

    Who Uses Spellbooks?

    List of Additional Epic PrCs

    Epic Feats Outside the ELH/SRD

    Weapon Finesse +

    "Replacement" Feats

    Those Pesky Req feats, and (Somewhat) Painless Ways to Get Them

    List of All Skills

    Skills skills skills

    Iaijutsu Focus - Classes

    Guilds/Organizations list: part one | part two

    List of "Other" Summoning Spells

    List of Optional Material Components

    List of Ioun Stones, Figurines, Feather Tokens

    Magic Item Slots For Various Creatures

    Items for Nonhumanoid Creatures

    LA +1 & LA +2 Player Race List

    Monster Manual VI - Online Monsters

    List of Goblinoids

    List of Half-Dragons

    Templates That Don't Increase CR

    Type Change by Class, Spell & Feat

    Fiend Touched Compendium

    Undead Adjacent Monsters

    Lizardfolk Names

    Other very useful lists, indexes, handbooks and links:

    Ability Damage Resource 2.0

    Alchemical items

    All Spell Trigger Items

    Alternate Uses of Move Actions

    Alternative Class Features

    Alternative Ways to Get New Class skills

    Appraise This! A Reference for the Appraise skill

    Arsenic & Old Lace: The Poison Handbook | Poison (the end-all information list with Poison lists)

    Best Feats of 3.5

    Celestial Compendium

    Cleric Domain List | Cleric Planar Domain List

    Complete list of Innate Spellcasting

    Complete List of Languages

    Complete List of Possible Familiars (updated version)

    Comprehensive Deity Database

    Comprehensive List of Ways to Augment Attack Roll

    Consolidated Lycanthropy Guide

    D&D Adventures: A List of Obscure 1st Party Sources

    Disease - An Index and Analysis

    Enworld Creature Catalog Index

    Exotic Weapon Proficiencies and Changing Weapon Categories

    Extra attacks, natural attacks, AoO

    Evasion Index

    Feats that Grant SLAs

    Fey Compendium

    Fleshwarping: A List of Grafts, Symbionts, and Related Goodies

    Gotta Catch em All: Optimizing Wild Empathy

    Handbook of Feat-granting Items and Effects

    Hear Ye, Hear Ye: A Listen Skill Reference

    Increasing Size, Effective Size, Unarmed Damage, Reach

    List of All Prestige Classes That Progress Spellcasting

    List of (almost) all way to change form!

    List of Artifacts

    List of Feat Granting Items/Locations/Grafts

    List of free Persist Metamagic

    List of Metamagic Feats [Metamagic and You: A Thesis]

    List of Meta-spells

    Lists of Every Playable Monster by ECL

    Lists of Necessary Magic Items

    Lists of Stuff

    Master +0 LA Race List III | Every playable race in 3.5 D&D without a level adjustment

    Mind Flayers, Beholders, and Aboleths Oh My

    Monster Lore Compendium

    Multiclassing Feats

    Races With Bonus Feats Cheat Sheet

    Raising Caster Level

    Saboteur's Cookbook: Masterwork Disable Device tools

    Shax's Indispensable Haversack (Equipment Handbook)

    Special Materials Index

    Summoner's Desk Reference | d20 Stat Blocks for Summon Spells | Legal 3.5 Summonable Monster List

    Survival Skill Survival Guide

    The Library of Knowledge: Getting the Most out of Your Studies

    The Monster Compendium

    Tome of Battle Q&A

    Uncle Kitty's Guide to Template Based Shenanigans

    Vermin Handbook - A list of all vermin in 3.5

    Visual Lies: A Reference for the Disguise Skills

    Ways to Expand a Spell List | Ways to Expand a Spell List | Ways to Expand a Spell List

    Ways to get Pounce or Free Movement

    Weapon Special Abilities Thread

    WeaselGuy's Index of Handbooks and Guides

    X Stat to Y Bonus
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