On the Swamp Folk

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The delta of the river creates a large wetland area, filled with swamp plants and animals. A hardy breed of folk live in the swamp and conduct trade in the city.

The Folk include humans, half- goblins, and lizardfolk. They are generally of neutral alignment, though the city folk view them as evil and fear being out in the swamp. Though villages tend toward a majority of one race, it is not unusual to see more than one race in a swamp village.
Rangers from this region which are not urban terrain specialists will likely be swamp specialists and members of a swamp folk village.

Are there any notable swamp settlements/villages, or even small towns? They would likely be of human or goblinoid origin, as lizardfolk don't usually make permanent settlements. (at least in forgotten realms.) lizardfolk could be travelling merchants and hunters in the swampland. Also what kind of goblins? Normal, hobgoblin, bugbear, norker? I would suggest goblin and hobgoblin.

Also, the inhabitants of the wetland probably don't call themselves that "Swamp Folk" Does the delta or wetland have a name? They would probably associate under that name. I see Swamp Folk as likely a derogatory name for these people used by the Vitolonians. What is the real reason for the hate? Is it propaganda from the city, or major guilds? Does the city want the land? Is it home to a historical site for both Vitolon and the Swamp Folk?

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Fish and shellfish, furs, feathers, exotic herbs and spices, and citrus fruits and berries are common trade goods harvested from the swamps.
Due to the dislike, which might not be fully mutual, most Vitolonians would avoid the delta-marshland area, with one exception: the spice traders. There are exotic herbs and spices there ripe for the trading. The salt and spice traders have a rivalry, and the salt traders are usually on top. Maybe the corrupt salt trading guilds spread rumors to disrupt the spice business. It's like they say: "there's no I in team but there's con in economy."

Thoughts welcome!