Yes, this was a killer end to the season, although not without its flaws. For instance, Sheridan jumped down that pit mere seconds before a several hundred megaton nuke went off above him--he's vapour, frankly, he couldn't possibly fall far enough in that time to escape the blast. Also, in every external scene we've seen of the station since Severed Dreams there has been a couple of warships guarding it--yet, mysteriously, it's their day off when the Shadows actually turn up? I mean, it wouldn't have made any difference to the outcome and the ships would certainly have been destroyed, but for them to not be there at all is just annoying.

I guess my biggest annoyance is Sheridan's excuse for ignoring future Delenn and going to Z'Ha'Dum anyway. She wouldn't be warning him not to go there if he'd never actually gone in the first place!