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Oh yeah, forgot about that at end end. Sherridan's reasoning for why he has to go to Zahadum is really flawed. He isn't making sense there. He gets a warning about what he must not do or there will be terrible consequences, and his conclusion is that the warning was wrong and he should actually do it. And he does not have any piece of evidence for it. It would have been better if they had just left that sentence out of the script.
It is a pretty weak justification, but every time I've watched it, I've always just sort of gone along with it, so for me at least it was never immersion-breakingly bad.

It kind of makes sense if he was going there specifically to blow up the Shadows's power base and talking to Anna or whatever was just a pretext. Going on a decapitation strike suicide mission scans with what we've seen of him so far. But then why not just say so to Delenn? "Well gosh golly, maybe everything will work out better if I just walk into this really obvious trap," seems way too naive for him.

I wonder how it would've worked out if this had been a two-parter. (Pick whatever filler episode you prefer to sacrifice to make room.) I feel like if Anna arriving and making her pitch had been given a full A-plot's worth of time... I'm not sure how that would work out, but persuading Sheridan to abandon every bit of advice he's ever gotten on the subject and go to Z'ha'dum definitely could've used a bit more... something.

Heck, if Anna hadn't been the messenger, but Sheridan had been told she was alive on Z'ha'dum (with sufficient proof), him running off on a rescue mission would've also been a more plausible way to go about it. (Even if it makes him look worse for "cheating" on Delenn, because 90's shipping rules are dumb.)