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Sheridan's logic for going to Z'Ha'Dun is certainly iffy, but I guess that's because part of him hopes it isn't a trap.
His logic does not seem that bad....

He knows two things:

1.Future Deleen tells him to NOT go to Z'Ha'Dun...though that makes no real real sense. Future Deleen knows they win the Shadow War and all the other good stuff. Yet she is willing to risk LOSING the Shadow War. Why? Because she is selfish and does not like the 20 year time limit?

Also for a fun twist. Deleen is quite upset about him not going to Z'Ha'Dun, a LOT more then a person who only just started dating some one would react. So Sheridin might have figured out that he did live after going to Z'Ha'Dun.

2.Kosh. He says the famous "If you go to Z'Ha'Dun, you will die". But Sheridin knows that not everything a Vorlon says...even Kosh..is 100% true. After all, right before he is killed Sheridin mentions the ''going to Z'Ha'Dun" prophecy to Kosh...and Kosh's answer is "Yes, now". So....did that mean that Sheridin would have lived before....even when Kosh said "If you go to Z'Ha'Dun, you will die".

Though in the end, the enemy is inviting Sheridin right into their home and he figures out a way to sneak some bombs in....so he is more then willing to take the chance to strike a big blow.

And about surviving the fall....well he didn't. He died. That peice of Kosh in him though protected and saved....maybe even regenerated his body. Then Lorean ''fanned the flames of life" or what not. So...you know...lots of space magic.