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    1.Future Deleen tells him to NOT go to Z'Ha'Dun...though that makes no real real sense. Future Deleen knows they win the Shadow War and all the other good stuff. Yet she is willing to risk LOSING the Shadow War. Why? Because she is selfish and does not like the 20 year time limit?
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    Secondly, when Delenn is talking to Sheridan in the future cell, it's canonically 18 years in the future, and thus the fact he only has a couple of years left may well be weighing somewhat on her mind at that point; whereas the outcome of a war that to her is 18 years in the past would not be so immediate.
    Spoiler: One of the book trilogies. Same one that goes into why Centauri Prime is on fire.
    The books establish that this is essentially correct. In the book, she's already increasingly worried over Sheridan's upcoming death. And in that scene she is overcome by (and immediately regrets) a burst of selfishness. The dread of his coming demise overrode her reason and her ethics for just a moment or two. And hey, unlike the last time that happened to her, it didn't result in a nearly successful genocide. So, y'know, progress.
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