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/eyeroll yeah he's totally getting a pass because he's white. That's the ONLY possible reason. Not because the bulk of the games have a 'story' that is less text than the average forum post here and basically boils down to 'Dracula evil Vampire, Belmont hunt Dracula', and the entire NES game of Castlevania 3 is a 1 hour long playthrough by a reasonably skilled player (speedruns are 25-30 min). You could acquire all of the lore necessary to understand Castlevania in a single day from youtube Let's Play videos and the wiki, playing the game itself is frankly irrelevant.

That's a far cry from taking over a comic that has run for decades and has hundreds or THOUSANDS of issues, many varied plotlines, other characters, relationships, and confrontations, and say you don't care enough to read ANY of it.
You are assuming the people who harass are rational beings who do things in moderation and understand concepts like ratios on what to be angry about. I would argue the harassers are nothing like that and they are emotional reactive individuals who spend a whole lot of time harassing due to identity reasons. Harassers have more in common with stalkers than people who enjoy a property due to being fans.

That says a whole lot more about you and your personal prejudices than anything else.
You say it is my prejudices. I say it is my life experiences.