Except that would be stupid because, as Carmilla knows well, that's just asking for Hector to grow a brain eventually or start thinking on his own. And if the safeguard is already on, there's really no reason for them not to have their fun with him however it may be. The point remains though that Lenore, by the end of the season, is NOT treating Hector poorly and stands up for him to the rest of her cadre, she just doesn't view him as an independent person either. And if that ring is as easy to circumvent as just lopping off the finger, that is a truly awful safeguard. Like legitimately they'd have been better off with pretty much any other safeguard. So I'm betting that if Hector does get rebellious, he can't jsut remove his finger to be free of it. Hell, he might not be ABLE to remove his finger.
Clearly Lenore's safeguard is to ensure Hector doesnt get so misserable he decides &%% it, goodbye finger.
Since at the end of the day, Hector isnt that smart. Or at least not that mature/independent.
Honestly, the only thing that annoyed me more than Lenore wasting time with magic rings, instead of Stockholming the poor guy into loving her..

Is the Judge's secret. Dam that was dumb.
It also really annoyed me he could not just have been a regular Lawful Evil judge they had to deal with.