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I've thought about a game where the Roles are based on GitP posters. But I figure it might err into flaming and violate forum rules, and be totally confusing. "I told you AvatarVecna was really Xihirli!" Or "Wait--you suspect JeenLeen? Do you mean the poster JeenLeen, or the person claiming the role JeenLeen?"
There's precedent.

ITP - Battle for Alarra
ITP Chapter II - Battle for Haruki-Kun

And those games are Lex-Kat's series, so up to her if she wants to run another one, or let somebody else do it (per standing rules about game series).

For a more general "the WW theme is a forum" style meta-game, there's also been Forum Wars WW and Forum Wars II - The Users Strike Back. Those are Black Socks' games, although they haven't been on the forum in years. Somebody adopting that series might be more feasible both in a "not flaming" way and in a "not stealing a series from an active poster" way.