I have some balance questions that I want to ask without giving away too much for the game I plan to run. So, might be phrased a little oddly.

Do you think it'd be broken to have 2 Serial Killer neutrals? In sense of goal, not necessarily them both having a NK.

I'm contemplating a couple roles that have a normal night power, but can then lose their power permanently to do a strong power. For example, a voider who normally voids 1 person, but they can void all actions for a night (including the wolf-kill) in exchange for becoming a vanillager. Thoughts?

I'm also contemplating, akin to the HP game, of a pair of Lovers who don't die if their partner dies. But that seems too easily making a verified townie. On the other hand, I'm not allowed QTs in my game (besides 1 night-power that allows such), so it's not like the Lovers could be networked with the rest of Town without the wolves knowing who their partner is. So I guess maybe that is balanced if townchat is banned?

One power dynamic I'm considering (which would be public in the opening post) is a strange sort of scry.
The game's premise is that there's 3 factions: the diabolists working for a law firm (wolves), the Town (practitioners), and some neutrals (Others). But the Town might contain a diabolist, just a good one.
Most scrys only detect if someone is a diabolist, practitioner, or Other. So there's a chance of getting misinfo if you target the good diabolist. There might also be a role like the hexblade in the Wizards game that make someone read as diabolist for the night.
There'll probably be 1 true seer who detects if someone is wolf, Town, or neutral. But some half-seers who can detect if someone is a diabolist or not.


And a question not for this game, but for a maybe-future one.
What would be the balancing of a all-power-role Town, but no-power wolves? But the wolves have a higher starting number than Town. Like, I could see if 20 players, doing 15 Town and 5 wolves. With some talk of vanilla Town, it made me wonder if that might work well. Maybe if no QT for Town, too.