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    Default Re: Mafia Capital (WWC XIII): Important Info Here -- READ OPENING POSTS!

    That all is helpful.

    I'll also throw out one Town power I'm envisioning. I'm wary of mentioning it, but the players won't know if it made it into the game unedited or not.
    "Each night, choose one player and then choose their target. Their targeted power(s) gets redirected to that target player if they use it that night. No effect on passive powers or if someone doesn't use a power. Once per game, you activate a Day power to change everyone's vote to a target you select. You are not revealed as doing this, but you must have voted for the person beforehand for the power to take effect. If you use this 1/game ability, you lose your Night ability for the rest of the game."

    Based off the Duchamp enchanters.
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