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    Default Re: [Let's Read] Dungeons the Dragoning 40,000 7th ed. v1.6

    Urgh, I messed up a number of +/- signs in that last post. Well, if something should penalize you subtract dice. Shouldn't be difficult to tell.

    Now, I thought about it and realized something. I'm not thrilled with the purely RP hinderinces, that's probably obvious (if it wasn't this is your official notice). But it's not because purely RP things are inherently bad, they aren't. Purely RP restrictions are bad for some players, they are not bad design just a mis-match between design intent and some players/DMs who aren't dialed in to the same wavelength.

    See, about half my group could do the RP restrictions just fine. The other half really really need something mechanical to hang stuff off of. One player, give him something like "If you see a daemon make a willpower check versus 20 or else immedately start hypocondriac cleaning everything for 1d5 hours. Make it and you put off the cleaning spree untill after the scene ends." then he's fine. That works for him, there's a mechanic to back up the phobia. He'll actually take precautions and actions like someone with a phobia of daemons. Well, at least someone with a healthy and rational respect for high power supernatural death dealers. For him thats like having a phobia. On the other hand tell him "Your character has gone totally psycho insane. Kill everything as fast and hard as possible." and he'll stop using cover or conserving ammo but still try to heal allies. Without a mechanic to work with there's nothing for him to hold on to, he can't conceive of how to change his normal behavior without some guidance.

    So I like it when these RP things are backed up by a mechanic, and it needs to be a mechanic the player can remember and implement. -1k0 or -2k0 with all technology and double xp cost on a skill or two is fine. -1k0 dealing socially with your inferiors is fine. The vague "you're a vengful person" doesn't work with some people. Give it a composure vs. 25 to not instantly duel, challenge, or just flat out attack anyone who insults you in any way. That works.

    Crud. I am going to have to do an errata document aren't I?
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