Exalt assets: Atlanteans - from Exalted castes.
Dawn - Spend a resource point for anything and for the rest of the scene get +2k0 to intimidation and weaponry. No self stacking. "I are Mr. Scary Smitey!"
Zenith - Sane spend to activate as above for reducing damage taken by your power stat until the end of the round. Ergh. End of the round? Initiative dependent damage reduction on par with light armor at level 5 and 5 power stat. Well it's sort of a free rider kind of thing but... At least until the start of your next turn. C'mon people.
Twilight - Spend a resource point to add your power stat as rolled dice to parry and dodge. Not great at early levels, pretty rocking at later levels but power stat is expensive to raise. We're talking 600xp to get to power stat 3, 600xp more to 4 and 800xp to 5.
Wensleydale - My cat is a cheese whore.
Night - Spend a resource point and nobody can tell where the your next spell came from. D&D 5e subtle spell printed in 2011.
Eclipse - Ooh, create a binding oath by spending resource points. If broken they fail at a 'critical moment', repeat for the number of resource points spent plus your power stat. Nice. If you let it happen as a reaction to something someone says you could kind of weaponize it. Definitely intended as out of combat though. Like.

Chosen assets: Bloody heck, there's one per god. Ok, here goes and then it's over for the night.
Acererak - don't need to eat, breathe, sleep.
Bahamut - +5 some social checks.
Corelleon - reroll 1s on any roll you used resource points on, not bad.
Cuthbert - +5 to hit people you've seen commit crimes (seen, no time limit? disguises? mistakes? yes, smitey mistakes, good).
Khorne - spend 2 resource to get a free basic attack when charging or all out attacking, never learn magic, have any 1 sword school always in class (throw in a free rank in that sword school, needs it).
Luna - spend a resource + hero point to duplicate the effect of any other mark for a scene, the ultimate "I couldn't decide which one I liked" choice.
Malal - +1k1 damage attacking allies and neutrals, great incentive the team-killing f*tard to get AoE weapons and perform friendly fire. I know in StarFinder my operative is all "just chuck grenades at me, I'll be fine" but that's dex whore evasion & DR talking plus the fact that grenades in that game are total crap. Actually the basic frags aren't that amazing here, but they'll at least take down unarmed civilians.
Moradin - +5 weaponry to parry attacks form people of greater size than you.
Nurgle - ignore crit effects until it meets or exceeds your power stat. Very yummy late game, weak early game, power stat is expensive, several other exalts give you a similar effect for free. Overall unimpressed to middling ok.
Pelor - you're a living glow-stick at will and 1/game session shoot a plasma pistol bolt out your orifice.
Raven - anything you send to crit 5 is dead unless it burns a hero point. Bypasses several 'hard to kill' effects, notable imapct and rending damage on a vampire/werewolf used as an example. I'm thinking modrons and liches myself.
Slaanesh - spend a resource point to alter your appearance for a scene, optionally +2k0 to seduction attempts. Quick disguise.
Sigmar - +0k1 damage to people whose last action hurt an ally of yours.
Tzeentch - warp crap happens to other people. [i][b]THE[\i][\b] caster asset, hands down winner tonight.
Vectron - once per scene regain one resource point by loudly praising Vectron for something that just happened. Free action scene limited recharge.