Looking at the previous post, well, its a mixed bag. Dawn, eclipse, luna, tzeench, all good and strong. Then you get zenith, sigmar, malal, all pretty weak. Well ok, malal is 'strong' in that it's basically two feats if you're hurting neutrals an allies. Still. Dawn, eclipse, luna, tzeench.

Daemonhost assets: There are seven deadly sins right? We're missing a couple.
Desire: Sense emotions, roll power stat + charisma vs. mental defense to scan thoughts, if you get raises equal to targets willpower you get the answer to a question. Regain a resource point if tempt someone into an act of lust.
Hunger: Feed on a corpse (raw, less than an hour dead) OR get someone to do something for material gain that they normally wouldn't do to regain a resource point.
Pride: +5 opposed tests, +5 to hit people ganging up on you, and if you beat someone at something they think they're good at you regain a resource point. Cheating is ok. This is pretty nice, opposed tests are reasonably common.
Rage: You can have your attacks do energy damage, regain a resource point when you provoke someone to violence when they normally wouldn't fight. So, no reward for taunting the orks. Rather weak, energy damage isn't that hard to come by and daemonhosts have a decent resource regeneration process any ways.
Sloth: +2 HP and regain a resource point by getting someone to not take action when they normally would. Half priced Sound Constitution.

I like that all of these encourage the use of the social combat mechanics. They're mostly pretty good too. What are we missing, envy and greed?

Paragon assets: The only ones that you can have multiples of. Still only available at character creation though.
Action Hero: Regain a resource point at the start of a combat.
Extra Action: +2 resource points.
High Pressure: +Level in extra pressure points. Meh, But I can sort of see it.
Legendary Trait: Any one characteristic is always in-class and you can raise it to 6. This asset can be taken multiple times, different characteristics.

Well they aren't bad. Your resource points are level + power stat, so that +2 is pretty nice to start off with and it raises your max from 10 to 12. Plus paragons don't have easy access to resource point refreshing except through stunting which doesn't always work. Pressure is three times your power stat, so I can see that one being ok even if it starts out weak. Legendary trait is... iffy to me. If I were throwing together a paragon caster with an emphasis on one casting stat, or an insane dex whore halfling than taking it on one stat is ok. But you're really taking it for the 'to 6' part and that's going to run you 500xp. So you're paying 100xp up front and another 500xp later for one more point [i]if you start the game with a 5 stat[\i]. If you aren't starting that high it's going to take even longer to get the stat to the point where the asset does it's thing.