I can see both sides of each of those.

For the mechanics vs. rp part I'm in favour of at least a minimal mechanical impact just because my group has people who need that in order to <something> so that they can/will rp it. I really don't have anything better than that. Just, in my group there are people who need a mechanic to go with the rp.

I suppose that you could rework the hindrances to be reward-in-play based rather than bonus starting xp, but I'd be a bit hesitant to do it since I've seen how things play at my table. My issue would be what the reward was, a resource point, reroll, session xp, or a bonus on a roll?
Spoiler: Sidetrack
Other than werewolves the resource points are pretty decently balanced against each other and with their recharge mechanics. I wouldn't really want to mess with those, increasing the recharge rate could be problematic.

Rerolls are basically a hero point (or limited to mid/high level feats with a narrow focus), and they're limited because they're both powerful and they slow down the game a bit (dice roller apps help a lot though). One reason that human paragon is a strong choice is because of those three extra hero points.

Session xp could be done, but it's hard to balance and too easily negated without a highly structured xp reward system (guess what this game doesn't have?). You don't want enable xp farming by stacking intolerance(food service employees), ugly as sin, loco(tourette's syndrome), and impulsive to create scenes in every fast food joint in Sigil. Likewise without that rigorous xp system you risk DMs just dropping overall rewards to slow things back to the speed they want.

A bonus on a roll is just sort of a free feat with an rp prerequisite, which we already have with stuff like peer(vectron believers) and hatred(heretics).

It wouldn't be impossible but I think you'd have to do a lot of work to get it right.

Ok, last bit of exalt assets.

Promethian assets: What metal you're mostly made of give you a benefit if you spend xp for it.
Orchablumlumrumum: When you spend resource to boost rolls for each 2 resource add +0k1, and the transhuman potential buff adds another +1 to it's stat boosts. So this one only comes online at level 2, and you need to be particular to start with a beginning character that's completed a 1st level class.
Mithril: Spend a resource point to preform a full round action as a half action. Self haste.
Darksteel: Your integrated armor is doubled but you have an armor max dex 3 limit. Ah, the armor maximum dexterity limit is for your effective dexterity for dodging, speed calculation, and fast movement type stuff.
Wraithbone: As a free action you can spend a resource point to heal a hit point. Slightly better than getting the resource-to-hp ability back that you would otherwise loose for being a promethian.
Necrodermis: Spend a resource point to get a fear rating equal to you power stat for the rest of the scene. Fear is willpower versus 10+(5 x rating), with enough checks it can have you roll on the shock table and possibly gain insanity (nobody has ever failed a fear test that badly though, just a few shock rolls). Mind that a non-combatant with 2 willpower fails fear 1 (dc 15) about 72% of the time, and fail by 10 or more 36% of the time. Basically fear 1 will stampede a stadium full of people.

Wampy assets: From VtM.
Bru-bru: If you fail a social roll on someone you get +2k0 damage when hitting them. Hilarious when weaponized.
Malkavian: Begin play with a minor derangement but don't become an insane NPC at 100 insanity. Continue gaining a derangement every 20 insanity after 100. A long term spell caster benny as a number of warp effects automatically add insanity and there's no way, in the current rules, to reduce it.
Toreador: Get +0k(power stat) on craft and performance rolls. A rather limited social buff that also makes you weirdly good at repairing things. Just odd.
Tremere: Get a free dot in necromancy, necromancy is always in class, and add +1k1 to necromancy casting rolls. A nice casting ability boost at first level.
Ventrue: Get the feat Peer(Ventrue) and +10 on all wealth tests. You dirty, rich, bugger you.

Woof Woof: From Wt... whatever.
Black spiral dancer: +1k1 claw & bite damage in war form but you have to make a willpower vs. 20 to tell friend from foe in war form. You have a button labeled "berserk killing machine" on your character sheet, right? Willpower 3 has a 63% fail rate, 4 has a 31% fail rate, 5 only has a 10% fail rate.
Get of fenris: spend a resource point for +1 strength, athletics, and acrobatics until the end of the scene. Move one meter faster, jump a bit farther, fall a little farther safely, dodge a little better, and +1k0 melee/brawl damage.
Iron masters: You always count as being in free study for spending xp. Underwhelming.
Red talon: -2k0 social rolls with 'humanoids' but in wolf form can talk to animals and use social skills on them.
Silent strider: Get a free dot in transmutation magic, +1k1 for casting transmutation spells, and it's always in-class.

All the promethians are decent. Toreador is weird, unless you can go out of your way to do a lot of performance or craft rolls in which case it's pretty good? Maybe? Malkavian won't pay off for a long time, possibly never if you're in any way cautious with your casting (the guy who went caster on us never cast fettered spells and often overcast). Rather unimpressed with the werewolf assets except for silent strider. Werewolves are already limited in war form (must advance/melee attack, only con+2+power stat rounds) so I can sort of see black spiral, but it's really a minor boost and makes you a lone front liner. So that's a bit 'meh'. The other three just aren't strong enough for me to care about them.

Then we end the feats chapter with another one page fluff piece that pretty well illustrates the act of burning a hero point to survive certain death.

I'm thinking of adding in the spells from book 2 while going through the magic chapter. It won't make a huge difference, as book 2 only added one spell per magic school per level. I've also realized that out table has been running things wrong in several subtle ways, making casting both safer and more dangerous at the same time. Of course since the players who cast spells can't be arsed to read the rules any ways I'm too broken up about it.