Ah, evocation. Everybody's favourite murder-hobo death and mayhem magic. Run off charisma. I don't think that I have to mention that basically everything here is an attack spell of some sort. Almost all of them are combo-ok too.

Magic missile, a classic -> somatic DC 15 cast and a target within 30m takes 2k1 damage. No dodge, no parry. Every raise on the casting roll gets you another missile up to extra missiles equal to your level (different missiles can target different things). I'm going to have to break it to you, you're generally looking at 2 wounds half of the time to resilience 4 targets (8 damage is about the 50/50 break point). The benefit is that this avoids armor. The downside is that almost any aura will effectively negate the spell. Just freaking buy a grenade launcher or use a gun.
Energy burst -> somatic ranged attack out to 30m with burst 2 (2m radius blast) that does 3k2 damage +2 per level of the caster. So about twice the damage of magic missile, you just have to land it near your target(s).
Battering ram -> verbal cast and a target with in 30m makes an arcana + strength save. For each 5 points they fail by they're pushed back 2m. Push them back further than their speed and they fall prone. Flying targets are pushed twice as far but don't go prone.
Energy grasp -> verbal and somatic this time, make a brawling attack and do evocation + charisma for damage.
Energy ray -> full action somatic cast. Deal 5k3 damage on a ballistics attack with a range of 50m per level.
Defenestration -> verbal and somatic, target within 100m and a wall within 5m (no wall, no effect). The target hits the wall and they both take 4k2 damage from the impact (armor applies this time). If the wall's armor value is less than 5x the caster's level then the target goes through the wall.
Energy ball, our fireball expy -> material somatic and a ranged touch attack. Shoot at something within 30m and a blast 10 (10m radius) explosion does 2k1 per level. Requires gunpowder to cast. This is where that atlantean trick of counting as +3 levels higher for casting on a spell can be nasty.
Energy Aura -> focus somatic and verbal that lasts a scene. Anyone within melee range of you at the end of your turn or that you hit in melee combat, takes 1k1 +3/level damage. You're really depending on that +9 (minimum) to +15 (normal max) to do the damage here, 1k1 isn't really worth much of anything 90% of the time.
Prismatic ray -> somatic verbal ranged touch out to 50m per level. On a hit you do (1d10)k(1d10) damage. Random damage is random. I could see using it to snipe tanks, buildings, and cover is you're in a slow or drawn-out fight though. Of course hero point re-rolls are a thing too.
Energy wall -> full action somatic that requires a vial of oil to cast, effect lasts the rest of the scene. This is our first... ok, the only evocation spell that isn't combo-ok. Which is a shame because it would go really well with Defenestration. What you get for a DC 25 cast is a 10m long +5m per raise you got on the casting roll wall that does 4k2 damage and doesn't block line of sight or any form of targeting. Doesn't say anything about shaping it so I'd allow that since the damage is a bit low for a 4th level spell effect. No height either. 10m? Keep it simple I guess. Also it's 'energy wall' so even though we expect fire I guess you could do lasers, electricity, magnetism, negative thermal, or maybe convince me to go for gravity.
Energy bits -> somatic verbal full action cast and lasts for a scene or until you use it up. DC freaking 5! Get an energy sphere for casting and another per raise (ok that explains the cast DC, number equal to the casting roll divided by 5, dropping fractions). At the start of your turn (so everyone gets a round of warning) you can expend any number of spheres as a free action. For each sphere you make a ballistics attack at something within 50m and do 4k2 on a hit. Ah, the big drawback, you can't shoot more than 2 spheres at once at any one target. You're looking at 14 to 18 damage per sphere here. Shame about not getting to dump everything on one target all at once. Expect to average 6 to 8 spheres.
Lightning ring -> somatic verbal and lasts the rest of the scene. An aura that does (your level + raises on the casting roll)k2 damage at the end of your turn. As a half action... they forgot the expendable tag... shoot a blast of lightning 40m, standard ballistics attack, does 5k2 energy damage and reduces the kept dice of the aura damage by 1. DC 30 to cast so you aren't getting too many raises, in fact on 8k4 you only have about a 30% chance to get 2 raises.
Energy meteors -> You know how the D&D meteor storm spell seems to keep getting worse with every edition? This one's decent. Full action to throw (ballistic attack) a 6k4 blast 10 energy ball spell out to 120m plus another one for every dot in evocation. So we get a minimum of 6, with overcasting or atlantean boosts getting to 9 or 10. The 6k4 damage spread is 10%:21, 20%:24, 30%:26, 40%:28, 50%:30, 60%:32, 70%:35, 80%:38, 90%:44, so you can assume 3 to 11 wounds on most things. Do not annoy the unsanctioned 5th level evocation sorcerer, he can put you down. The warp may eat him alive, but you'll go down.
Reality maelstrom -> WTF. Ok, full action verbal somatic attack that does: "Make an attack with Burst 10 centred on yourself. Everyone affected by this attack rolls on the psychic phenomena table." Blast weapons are just 'everything within the blast gets hit' because frankly making individual attack and damage rolls is something I'm just not doing for 5+ targets and I don't see another way to really read the blast effect description. It's not like it tells you to make a ranged touch attack or anything either. So that's just sort of "everyone roll on the warp tables". Which is mostly nuisance stuff plus maybe a fear test or two except that there's a 25% chance of AoE "f* U!" stuff going on per person.

Ok, ok. Personal picks:
L1: Energy burst. Reliable and effective.
L2: Defenestration. So much fun.
L3: Probably energy ball, possibly prismatic ray, energy aura is just a bit too weak.
L4: Actual choices... Often energy wall, although maybe energy bits if I'm expecting to be good at ballistics and have lots of mooks to shoot at. Lightning ring just isn't... impressive unless you get a surprisingly good roll.
L5: Energy meteors. Because "wild magic blow myself up and take the game with me" isn't my style. Especially if I've slogged up to 5th level in a spell school.

This is the official half way point of the magic schools and after the schools we're at the half way point of the book (by page count). How do people feel about magic so far?