Ah, healing. The opposite of evocation right? Runs off of wisdom.

Cure light wounds -> Nice traditional start here. Combo-ok, somatic, verbal, touch. Spend a resource point to heal the target one HP. Well that's certainly light. So, its for use on people who otherwise can't spend resource points on healing. that's many NPCs, most promethians, and exalts who can't easily regain resource points. Limited.
Boon -> Combo-ok, verbal, duration one minute or untill used. Allies within 10m get +1k0 on their next attack roll. Truely unimpressive.
Shield other -> focus & non-combat, lasts 24 hours. For the next 24 hours if the target would lose hit poonts the caster can choose to loose them instead. DMs option as to if you can take only part of the damage, or if you have to be aware of it to take it, or if you choose before or after the damage is rolled, or... Lots of room to rule on this one. Although a cult of level 1 initiates can make for a really tough cult leader this way.
Regeneration -> non combat and as long as the target gets a week of bed rest the regrow a limb. The non-cyberwear fix for the de-limbing crits.
Boost -> verbal semi-white raven tactics. An ally within 10m gets to take a half action. Does not change initiative.
Death ward -> non combat spell lasting a day. For that day the next time the target would die they survive. Does not protect against continual effects like lave baths or suffocation. Used to good effect on teleports to orbiting starships where momentum is conserved. Combos well with shield other.

Quick trick: Get two level 2 vampire exalt allies with healing 2 spells and followers, lots of followers. The allies cast shield other on you, then each other, then everyone gets death ward. Climb into an insulated pod, get loaded into a big gun, and do your personal orbit-to-ground mach 3 lithobraking maneuver. Climb out of the wreckage completely unscathed. Ally #1 back on the ship is now a mangled heap, but alive. Ally #2, not being in combat, casts death ward on ally #1 again. Ally #1 begins healing while the followers line up for blood donations. As long as they are both consious, and at least one of them has a current death ward, you have functionally nearly infinite hit points.

Cure moderate ounds -> As cure light wounds but bypasses the/all resource point exependiture limits.
Rebuke -> combo-ok verbal healing attack. A target within 10m who worships/reveres/follows a different god than you do loses a hit point and an unspent hero point. You aren't casting this for the damage.
Atonement -> non-combat spell with an undefined material component. The target's highest/worst degeneration (penalty for letting your devotion fall below 6 and violating your alignment) goes away. The target can't get another atonement untill they spend xp to raise devotion, which if I recall correctly would have had the same effect.
Consecrate -> Full action VSM cast that, in a 50m radius from the caster, gives everyone who worships the same god a +1k0 on all rolls. The caster has to spend a half action every round or it shrinks by 5m per minute. Call it roughly a 1/2m per round-ish?
Holy weapon -> VSM and spend a sharpening stone to make a weapon magical and give it +1k1 damage aginst "enemies of your god", whatever that is. If you worship Malal do your allies count? Oh, only one at a time and you still expend the whetstone to enchant your gun.
Heal -> As cure moderate but cleans out poisons and diseases too. Seriously weak considering exalts are pretty resistant to those thngs.
Resurrection -> non-combat of course. Spend 5 resource points and someone comes back from the dead with one less point of constitution and zero hit points. Do not cast on someone with 1 constitution to start with. Doesn't say anything about needing all the bits first but since there's no time limit either you can probably drag the chunks to a medical facility and staple them together before hand. Saves people from having to burn hero points.
Divine power -> verbal somatic focus touch. For the rest of the scene you get +2 size, +2 strength, and heal a hit point at the end of your turn. At the end of the scene make an alignment test. Also protect the holy symbol focus so nobody shoots it.

Personal picks:
L1: Shield other, normally. Boon is naff and cure light is pretty limited.
L2: Hard choices. Regen is nice to not have to buy bionic limbs lost to crits. Boost... White raven tactics, 'nuff said. Death ward is pure survival, although exalts are usually pretty tough to begin with.
L3: Hard choices again, but this time because none of them scream with awesome. Rebuke needs multiple casts at people with hero points. Atonement requires people regularly doing alignment violations. And cure moderate needs lots of easily replaced resource points (read atlantean, daemonhost, vampire).
L4: Holy weapon unless you have lots of "same god" allies around. Followers, allies, backing, the right class, it's not too out there.
L5: Choose one: save hero points or a mid-power combat buff wiht a possible downside? Ressurection. Divine power needs rather more to be a 5th level spell than +1 resilence, -4 static defense, +2k0 melee damage, and +2k2 on athletics/intimidate checks. Ok, the healing is nice, but at least add aura = devotion and another reaction each round. Maybe reroll something once each round as well? Actually that would be worth it. Add aura = devotion, an additional reaction each round, the +2 strength into a +2 <choose a stat>, and reroll one check each round including the alignment check at the end of the spell. Now I think it stacks up against other 5th level spells.