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Thread: Fanwork and Respecting Rob Balder.

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    Question Fanwork and Respecting Rob Balder.

    Rob (and Linda) Balder closed Erfworld a while ago due to some horrific events in their personal lives.

    They did tell family, supporters and friends what it was. But did not want to tell the general public. Since I respect that, I do not want to ask (or know) what it was about.

    I am thinking about starting work on an erfworld-inspired fan (computer-)game again. But I do not know: would such a thing be disapproved? Would it even be hurtful?
    Mr. (and Mrs.) Balder did not leave a general contact-mail-address on the erfworld page. There is an address for family, but I will certainly not abuse that one.

    I am pretty sure a few people here do know the details of the current situation.
    I do not want to know any of those details.
    But could someone give me a hint if I can pursue such a fan-game? Or if I should let the topic rest, out of respect?
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