Transmutation, our last magic school before the sword schools. Oh, and it uses wisdom.

Swift change -> combo-ok somatic free action quality of life spell. Change in/out of any clothing you're carrying instantly. If you're a "natural shape-changer" you can shift form at the same time. This lets the werewolf wear a tuxedo and carry a briefcase with a really large suit of armor in it, cast the spell and spend the resource point to free action change into their warform wearing armor (the undamaged tux ends up in the briefcase).
Treesong -> VS touch to shape a cubic meter of wood into anything you could sculpt out of clay.
Bloodwind -> VSM and for the rest of the scene use your natural attacks out to 10m per level. It's actual reach too, apparently turning you into an elastic-man sort of mutant for a while but only when you're trying to hurt people. Should a giant were-shark with a 30m telescoping mouth prompt a fear check?
Dedication -> VSM full action touch with an effect that lasts indefinitely. You touch an item and a person who can change shape, instead of being dropped or shredded the item will "transform with them". Only one item at a time per person.
Animal power -> combo-ok VS touch spell that gives the touched a +1 to a physical (strength, dexterity, constitution) attribute. They get an additional +1 for every two raises (+10 over the casting DC). Player pro-tip: Don't let the inevitable betrayal NPC cast this five or six times before they betray you in the middle of combat, they can go from mildly dangerous to 'hits like a truck' and 'why won't it stop dodging, die-die-die!' if they get a few good rolls.
Enlarge person -> combo-ok & for a scene the touched person gets +1 size (gear resizes too but there are no defined changes from that). Generally a +1 resilience and a -2 static defense.
Magic fang -> combo-ok and for a scene the touched creature's natural weapons and unarmed attacks get +0k1 damage and are magical.
Polymorph -> full action and for the scene the touched creature turns into a wolf. -1 resilience (-1 size), +8 defense (+2 dexterity), a 1k1 bite, no talking and no thumbs. Pretty much like the werewolf ability. I think that I just realized you should think about weaponizing this spell. Don't tag a lightly armored brawler, but casters and heavy sword&gun guys get whacked.
Stone tell -> non combat talks to rocks. Relatively decent guidance an what information is gained, but it still has the DM screw-up line in it. Needs checking against the divination spells.
Primal power -> almost as animal power but for all three physical attributes. Given that this one has a DC 10 higher and can't be part of a combo I'm not sure it's worth it. 6k4 averages 30, a +2 to a stat for the scene. 8k4 only gets to 40 (+2 to all three stats) about 27% of the time. 10k5 will get you to 40 about 61% of the time, and 50 29% of the time.
Earthsong -> as Treesong but for stone and 1cu.m. plus another 1cu.m per raise on the casting roll.
Control weather -> non-combat with a "full round" and/or 10 minute casting time. I think it's an editing issue and should just say "see text". Any how, 10 after you finish casting the weather changed to what you want as long as it is appropriate/possible to the area and season. You can choose stuff like the direction and strength of the wind but not tornado paths or lightning strikes. No mention of how large an area it affects.
Dragon form -> half action VS cast with a jade circlet focus turns you into a (small-ish) dragon for a scene. +3 size, -1 dexterity, +2 strength, x2 fly speed, and a flamer style breath weapon usable every round if you like. You can explicitly talk and cast spells.
Iron body -> Similar to dragon form but you turn into an iron golem, kind-of. +10 armor on all hit locations that doesn't stack with anything, +2 strength, -2 dexterity, and you don't need to breathe. Rather unimpressive really.

Personal picks:
L1: Werewolves take swift change, or for a weird creepy brawler blood wind.
L2: Dedication or animal power. Depends on if the character is a shape shifter and/or uses swift change.
L3: Really depends on the campaign. Probably not stone tell though.
L4: Almost always control weather.
L5: Dragon, no question. Now if you take Iron Body and add stuff from the monster section to it like stuff of nightmares, auto-stabilized, and unnatural toughness, then you'd have a choice.