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I don't think it's possible for the Scrapdragon to be THE Grudge they're talking about, since presumably Boss Leader would have recognized it while she was analyzing it during Max's dream. If it was such a big deal then she wouldn't have just let him have it back.
She makes a remarkably non-subtle request to take it and dice it up, and she might not have actual access to it during the dream. Also, it seems highly unlikely that she'd straight up tell Max that he's carrying an extremely dangerous entity that needs to go into quarantine. I doubt she'd make it obvious she recognizes it either.

You do make a good point as to that BL would probably have acted as soon as possible in much less subtle ways to get the bat.

EDIT: WOW OH JEEPERS. I...think we've seen the grudge now. I think "Clayview" is the Grudge, and its presently the entire room they're in.
Related, who was Agent Summers again...? If it's no one we know then it might be BL's actual last name.

Also, we see Mrs. Burger in a picture at the start of this flashback. It seems Spender's predecessors were Ned's parents.