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    Goddess of Love and Trickery, the Heartbinder, Mother of the Fae

    Domains: +2 Love, +2 Trickery, +1 Beauty, +1 Allure, +1 Adaptation, +1 Protection

    Weaknesses: -2 Lonely, -2 Pacifistic

    Origin: TL;DR: Kalani began as the subject of a mythical love story about a woman isolated because of her beauty, and a man unable to connect emotionally to others. The two find love together as they slowly but surely come to understand one another and provide the support needed to open up to one another. The story was remarkably popular among the Sinalese people, and spread far throughout the Empire.

    Within Ebonbark Bay, there is tale of a man and a woman whose love for each other outshined the stars.

    So the legend goes, there was a man within the cith of Kalth named Serin, who had had a string of bad luck with women. It wasn't that he was cruel, picky or a bad lover or anything; if anything he worshipped at their feet like goddesses. Yet no matter what, every woman he dated would eventually lose interest in him. He eventually just gave up, resigning himself to be alone forever.

    One day he ran into a beggar on the road of his city, hardly an uncommon sight but this one was particularly nasty. She was a grimy, dirty, impoverished thing with not even a coin to her name, teeth missing, hideous and dirty. Serin gave her some coinage and nearly walked past her without a word, but for the briefest moment he spotted something beneath her hood: a lock of hair, as golden as the noonday sun.

    Though the man only saw it for the briefest instant, that lock of golden hair gave him pause. He offered to bring the woman home with him, to help her. She took him up on that offer, giving her name as Kalani.

    He asked her about what had brought her to his city, and she told a tale of her home village; there she had been so radiant and beautiful that she'd been worshipped as a goddess. Such a life wasn't terrible, but it was incredibly lonely. She sought only to connect with someone, and so had left home and dirtied herself up a bit. Unfortunately she had no real knowledge of how to spend money (living a pampered life will do that to you), so she was now genuinely impoverished and poor. She lamented her situation a bit, musing that if the boys back home had just tried to connect with her, she'd have stayed.

    Serin felt immensely uncomfortable with this tale for some reason and offered her a roof over her head, at least until she got back on her feet. She agreed, absentmindedly brushing a bit of mud off of her face, revealing radiant eyes.

    With every passing day, his love for her grew, and he saw neither dirt nor grime nor poverty; she was as radiant as any woman he had ever seen. In turn, she would clean herself a little more, slowly but surely revealing the radiant beauty she'd once been. Though many men tried to charm her, her heart belonged to her husband. Though she had washed away the grime and the trappings of poverty revealing the impossible beauty she radiated, he neither noticed nor cared. She became his wife, and he loved her dearly for all their days together.

    Well, that's the short version at any rate; the real tale is told in song and is much longer. Whether it is true or to what degree is unknown, but the Tyrant allowed it to persist. After all, though the tale was clearly mythical and fantastical, Kalani and Serin were mere mortals. No one worshipped them, and with holdout cults to the gods of this world there were bigger threats to crush.

    That was a mistake.

    For though Kalani and Serin were a simple story of romance, that story held power. In the iron grip of an evil tyrant, mortals cling to what comfort they can. They try to believe in a better tomorrow, and the simple power of love. They spread it, and told it across all the land. In each telling, Kalani and her husband change in small ways. Here her hair is golden; there it is a fiery red. Sometimes they have a daughter, as wilfull as her father and beautiful as her mother. In one tale, Kalani is a thief, come to steal Serin's fortune, but falls in love with him and leaves her life of crime behind.

    Whatever the truth may once have been, it mattered not. The story spread and spread until Kalani was the patron goddess of the city in all but name. Many cried for their lost loves, others for salvation or a helping hand in these dire times. Lonely women begged to be noticed, lonely men cried for someone who cared.

    And Kalani came to answer their prayers.

    Description: People who look upon Kalani see a beautiful human woman with pointed ears; and this is all anyone can agree on, for her form shifts to suit whoever is looking at her. Women look upon Kalani and see the ideal that they wish to become; strong and independent, lovely and demure, warm mother or stone cold bitch. Men look upon her and see their ideal lover; tall and willowy or short and plump, a cocky tomboy or a demure waif. Even by culture, this changes; a warrior may look upon her and see an amazonian behemoth with a massive scar. A scholar might see a cold and calculating professional, radiating mystery and intellect.

    In all cases, her form serves to draw the looker in, like a moth to a flame (albeit much less malevolent). For Kalani is the allure of love, of adventure, of danger and mystery. She is that feeling in your heart that calls for you to come hither, to seek riches, fame, and yes, even lust. Kalani herself has no real clue what she looks like to any of these people; to her it isn't important, so long as others want to speak with her. ("Besides, it's more fun to guess. Tee hee!"). When she looks at herself, all she sees is... herself.

    Kalani's greatest joy is in helping others connect. Love requires someone to be loved/reciprocate, and tricksters need others to work through. As such, Kalani hates being alone, working alone or isolating others. She works best when she assists someone else in their project (whether they know it or not) or when she gets help.

    The city of romance

    Within the dark, murky and dangerous swamps of Ebonbark Bay, there is one place that shines bright. Among the smells of decay and rotten fish, there is a city that smells of roses. A place within a dark, murky corner of the world was chosen by the goddess of love herself as her personal domain. A land that first birthed the enigmatic Fae, and that all who seek love may find it. That place is the city of Kalth.

    In the old legends that birthed the love goddess, Kalth was the setting of the story. Even in those days, the city seemed an enigma within the marshes; it was set on an unusually large area of dry land, practically an island within the murk and muck. Now, the city is a veritable garden of flowers and romance. Blessed by Kalani herself, it is a city of love and romance, where hearts broken are mended and those empty are filled.

    The Fae
    The Daughters of Kalani

    The Fae are Kalani's first attempt at creating new life on Oerth. They are an all-female race of magical creatures that glow with a calming, pleasing light akin to the moon. They vary wildly in appearance and form, from short girls with pointed ears to the tiny floating Faerie. Many have taken the wilds into themselves, leading to such wild and varied mutations as roses that bloom in her hair when she is happy, or skin that is like tree bark.

    Clever, small, sneaky and more than a little mischevious, the Fae are a canny and tricksy bunch; while not particularly strong, they are very quick to adapt to new circumstances. They love to pull pranks and make jokes, rarely if ever giving a direct answer or going straight at what they want. Kalani has charged them to be matchmakers (a task they take to with glee and aplomb) but they prefer to 'arrange' events rather than directly tell someone what they should do. When one sees a Fae, it is almost always as a lure, for they only reveal themselves when they must. They can suppress the glow that surrounds them if need be, to appear like a human.

    They exist to bring people together, and are particularly drawn to those who are lonely, or who have no love in their hearts. They will encourage these mortals to find a partner, and to form families. This love sustains them, bringing them health, youth and life; not only that, but when a couple the Fae have helped bring together has a child, a new Fae is born as well. While not, strictly speaking, immortal, they are very long-lived so long as they continue to help others find love.

    In addition, Ka'al Russ granted the Fae a blessing of the flesh. Those couples brought together by the Fae maintain the prime of their youth, only aging when they wish. However, he also laid a curse upon them; many who the Fae match go insane with love for their partners, seeing having them as the only thing that matters to the exclusion of all else. This tendency for lovers to go Yandere is one of the reasons that Fae are often feared as much as loved by mortalkind.

    The Fae have a natural bond with the wilds, knowing almost instinctively the best ways for animals to crossbreed and how to help flowers and other plants grow. Fae that take this path find themselves in conflict with the Dustborn, as they don't take kindly to having their carefully built nature preserves messed with. The Fae, in turn, find their "seductive" manner of handling mortals to be a perversion of their righteous task. It's rare for mortals to stumble onto such conflicts, but the Dustborn are most responsible for the creation of the Unseelie.

    The Unseelie

    The Fae are, for the most part, benevolent and harmless.

    Unfortunately, the kind and benevolent Fae have little reason to interact with mortals. Or at least, less than those deemed Unseelie.

    Fae are kind, loving creatures with soft hearts. Those that experience extreme trauma (whether themselves or by proxy), or who repeatedly fail to properly engender love in mortals, have a hard time piecing their psyches back together. Most of them do, eventually, come out the other side intact, but... many are also 'off'. These Fae will begin to slowly but surely be corrupted. Over time they become more and more self-centered and self-satisfied, seeing their magical gifts not as a tool to help others, but as tools for their own pleasure. They come to see themselves as special, unlike any other Fae, and so will try to differentiate themselves however they can. They will rise later and later until they only go out at night.

    It is worth noting that the divide between Seelie and Unseelie is non-exclusive, extremely flexible and hard to pin down. Other forms of Fae (Underfae, the Winter Court, etc.) can be Seelie, Unseelie, or both. It would be more accurate to call Seelie and Unseelie a broad classification of the Courts than Courts in and of themselves.

    The Underfae

    Some of the Fae rediscovered the Chernway, a massive set of tunnels beneath the world. The continent-spanning underground canal, which now ran from Kelpvine Cove in the north-west of Tria all the way under the ocean to the Tainted Lands, lay mostly dormant since the Tyrant Age but for a vestigial population of choblins in the Tainted Lands section. Those Fae that took residence there breathed new life into the old halls. Being surrounded by so much evidence of lost civilization left them cold and melancholy, and they are one of the few forms of Fae that do not consistently smile, laugh and dance.

    They have taken up the old practice of Chum distillation; most of what they make gets drunk in nights of unparalleled revelry and debauchery, but they also make a small fortune selling it to mortals. The Underfae have also taken it upon themselves to restore the Choblin population, and have the most Love Doctors of all the various Courts to catalogue the ancient civilizations that once dwelled here.

    Most curious of all, the Underfae have taken to wearing masks. It is not quite the burial rites of the old civilizations that once lived in the Chernway, but it is something consistent.

    The Winter Courts

    When the Fae began to spread all through the world, Melwas took notice, and chose to bring several of them under his wing. The Unseelie who travelled to his lands had their minds twisted, then shielded against the influence of Ka'al Russ (see) . These Fae became known as the Winter Courts. Melwas' strong commitment to order and stasis has made most of the Winter Courts technically Seelie (operating mostly during the day and adhering to a strong structure) but the choice to worship Melwas instead of Kalani has left them cut off from most of their own kind; few would call them Seelie or Unseelie.

    The Love Boat

    Swiftpaw, in his infinite dickery, decided to help the Fae when they began to spread all through the earth by helping them establish a luxury cruise liner. The Fae that took him up on this offer are absolutely trustworthy and definitely aren't helping him smuggle things all around the world. That would be silly. Don't ask why the tickets are so cheap, look at all the pretty girls and handsome men to meet...

    The Love Doctors

    Also called the Knowledge Fae, these creatures have taken up the often thankless task of cataloguing love, attempting to render the emotional and magical down to a raw science. They are most often found among the Seelie Courts, for the rigid structure that they encourage lends itself well to scientific experimentation. Love Doctors among the Unseelie most often busy themselves with creating ever tastier and more potent brews.

    Circles, Courts, Covenants and Queens

    The Fae spend most of their time matchmaking mortals, and so have little need for permanent settlement or communities of their own. However, they do occasionally require the aid of their fellow Fae, and so they have formed a very loose set of communities of their own. While these organizations are not entirely universal (especially among those who have turned to the worship of other gods), they are the most common.


    The most basic of Fae organization, a Circle is a group of Fae that support one another, roughly analogous to a village. Circles of Fae will encourage and support one another's endeavors to matchmake, and the Unseelie Circles are known for wild, debauched parties that never truly end.


    A court is formed from several circles that work together in harmony. The Courts are the closest things Fae have to their own countries, and they are often viewed as such.


    Fae that have taken a covenant have chosen a goal for themselves, separate from Courts and Circles, that requires they function as a unit. Covenants are not entered into lightly, for they cannot be left unless the task for which it was laid out is complete to the satisfaction of most of the coven (or the Queen, if the Coven has one). Additionally, covenants among the Fae are most often formed by the Unseelie, for the Fae's ambitions are usually simple enough to be accomplished alone.


    When a covenant is formed, the most charismatic, intelligent, and beautiful of the Fae sisters gathered is selected to lead the coven's activities. Deciding who, precisely, this is is... one of several reasons the Fae rarely form covenants. However, those Fae who manage to become the leader of multiple covens has earned the title of Faerie Queen (Fae Queen, technically, but Faerie Queen is easier to say).

    Despite the title, it would be inaccurate to compare Faerie Queens to mortal monarchs. The Queen does not rule by divine writ or by bloodline (for such things are meaningless to them). A Queen rules by the number and strength of the Covenants she has formed, and those she has bargained into leading. Often these Queens will have dozens, if not hundreds of Circles under their command. This system does not always work out best for the covens; resources and manpower (well, faepower) that are needed to accomplish one task may instead be employed to tackle another. However, those Fae that have remained Queens for long periods will always have some great accomplishments under their belts.

    Spoiler: Fae help
    Kalani: +2 Love
    Fae exist to bring people together, and are sustained by the love people feel for one another. They were, in all due essentiality, created to help people find love. New Fae are created when children are born to couples they have helped bring together.
    +2 Trickery
    Clever, small, sneaky and more than a little mischevious, Fae are a canny and tricksy bunch. They enjoy playing pranks and making jokes, rarely if ever giving a direct answer or going straight at what they want. Kalani has charged them to be matchmakers, but they prefer to do so by "arranging" events rather than, say, directly telling someone what they should do. As such, Fae will generally not reveal themselves unless they must, or as a lure; they can also suppress their glow if need be.
    +1 Beauty
    Fae are short (think hobbit sized) and beautiful women with pointed ears. They glow with a calming, pleasant light like the moon.
    +1 Allure
    Fae are naturally drawn to the lonely and the loveless, seeking to help how they can.
    +1 Adaptation
    While not terribly strong on their own, Fae are very resourceful, able to quickly and efficiently figure their way around new circumstances.
    +2 Kalth
    The Fae first appear in Kalth, and though they shall wander far from it, it is their birthplace.
    Xeema: +2 Foresight - As matchmakers Fae will be blessed with keen insight of people around them.
    -2 Curiosity - the Fae will be consumate people watchers, drawn to them as much as they are out of duty as they are out of curiosity, sometimes to their own detriment.
    +1 Secrets - In turn they will learn intimate secrets of the people they influence and those around them.
    +1 Messages - Xeema grants the Fae a greater understanding of how to pass along information to mortals, whether this be as straight forward as a written message, or more adroit methods of visions or signs.
    Ka'al Russ: +1 Change: Fae come in many shapes and colours, as varied as the flowers in Spring.
    +1 Mutation: Almost as if following some unknown archetype, A certain number of Fae, turn into Faeries, which are smaller and have wings.
    +1 Insanity: Another portion of both Fae and Faeries grow wicked, whether it be from harm inflicted on them or from traumatic experiences. These are called the Unseelie, and they come out at night, being the opposites of the Fae.
    +2 Science: Fae have an instinctive knowledge of the best ways to grow flowers and help animals.
    Petr/Nerassus: +2 Moon/+2 Justice: The fae are in many ways similar to the Mon'Dai. And so, it's a simple thing to allow Fae to bind their spirituality to love they have created, equalizing the two, and thus making their strength and vitality become synchronized to this love.
    Ymon-Thal: + 2 Soul: The Fae are given the ability to see into people's souls to better understand them and what they really wish for in a lover.
    + 2 Life: People brought together by Fae are given a temporary boost of life force, making them feel better and more energetic for a while.
    Avestra: Help Kalani create the Fae with +2 Nature and +1 Reproduction. Along with those who tend to the love lives of sapient mortals, there will also be a small number of fae who will attempt to crossbreed closely related animals and plants in order to create rare hybrids. These wilderness-dwelling fae will have a fierce rivalry with the Dustborn, who they will compete for territory with.
    Grawissen: +1 singing: the voices will have made an amazing beauty to them. Making it easy for them tto become excellent singers

    Spoiler: Fae help 2
    Kalani is going to encourage the Fae Courts to expand and grow, creating more of their kind whenever they can, wherever they can.

    +2 Chosen People (The Fae)
    +2 Love (Fae create more of each other by encouraging others to fall in love)
    +2 Trickery (The Fae mainly like to lure others together by tricking them into romantic circumstances)
    +1 Allure (Fae are drawn to less and less lonely people; it lowers the threshold that lets them find lovers for others)
    +1 Beauty (Fae are beautiful creatures.)
    +1 Adaptation (Looking for new ways to spread love and cheer)
    +1 Protection (Wants these new circles to be safe and protected)

    +2 Starry Crypt, to draw some of the fae into rediscovering the Chernway. The continent-spanning underground canal, which now runs from Kelpvine Cove in the north-west of Tria all the way under the ocean to the Tainted Lands, lay mostly dormant since the Tyrant Age but for a vestigial population of choblins in the Tainted Lands section. Now, some of the fae will enter the Tria Chernway to live as the underfae, breathing new life into its old halls.

    +1 Sanitation, some enterprising underfae will learn how to purge the toxins from glowloam, the yellow bioluminescent rock-eating fungus that fills the Chernway and helps it to expand overtime, allowing them to farm and consume it as the choblins once did

    +1 Fermentation, some other enterprising fae will find an underground distillery in the Three Deserts that has been sealed since the early days of the choblin city Chobe (as far back as the Second Age!). It contains hundred of barrels of ancient Chum, an alcoholic spirit that is derived from glowloam. What they don't drink themselves in a night of desert debauchery will make them a small fortune on the market, and they relearn the secrets of chum distillation.

    +1 Memories, through their enterprising archaeological work, the underfae will discover the ancient tradition of memory mask burial in the Starry Crypt. In this practice, several old cultures such as the Starfolk and choblins would mask their dead and leave them in a glowloam cave to be consumed by the sacred fungus. In this way they would have control over their next reincarnation, and now will have their memories available in the Mirror Mind. One or two underfae may bury their dead in this way, but it will only become widespread practice if Kalani does not object, since it is a practice that explicitly gives worship to the god of decay Chern (who is not without his controversies)

    -2 Shame, these tunnels... These homes... A civilisation once thrived here... Where did they go? The underfae will become a slightly gloomier bunch after slowly uncovering the history of the choblins, who were all but wiped out in a series of horrific atrocities committed by the invading Tyrant army. On the plus side, at least this history now won't be forgotten.

    Ka'al Russ
    +2 Madness: The New Fae could make someone even untouched by love or sincerely uninterested become obsessed with loving a single person, yandere style. There is no middle ground, and the ability is fully under their control.
    +2 Flesh, Those that are blessed by the Courts to find love will find themselves in the prime of their youth until their time on the planet is done.Their muscles will work as if they were young, and they will not age a day physically unless they wish it.
    +1 Knowledge, New Fae will be given greater knowledge of those they work with to help them find their lovers easier.
    -2 Restraint, The man wished to burn this place down. To murder every last Fae. But it wouldn't have made his sisters soul happy. She had been happy so he went against the spirit of his god and held back his wrath.

    +2 Blood: The best way to get people together is to ensure that they stay together long enough to form proper connections, and preferably in a way that allows them to focus entirely on their own relationships... so Swiftpaw is gonna work with the fey to create the world's first romance cruise liner. Luxury ship trips staffed by fey and loyal Celestials. Rumours of the cruise liner actually being a smuggling ship are completely unfounded and Swiftpaw can make the tickets that cheap because he's just that wealthy now.

    +2 Healing: Petr blesses their attempts at procreation, ensuring that their young ones grow up strong and healthy.

    +3 cult/family: The free love culture of the cult and their community families makes it a perfect location for the Fae to come together and make connections in order to make more fae
    +3 Twilight/Asylum: The Fae will be welcomed with joy in the Twilight Archipelago. Assuming they obey all expectations of Asylum they will be treated grandly and allowed to stay indefinitely

    +2 Nature: Wherever they go, the fae courts will guard the natural world with a fervour, hindering those who would seek to expand into their territories.
    +1 Reproduction: By an odd quirk, many mortals born of unions encouraged by fae will find themselves infertile and instead be driven to adopt abandoned or orphaned children in their locale.

    +6 Stasis: The Fae are welcome in Frostreach, but the frigid weather and lingering influence of Melwas chills their hearts and twists their purpose. The Winter Court is founded from the resultant Unseelie, and their allegiance lies with Melwas. All is not lost: the broader influence of Melwas preserves all Fae from the worst of the debilitating curses laid on them by Ka'al Russ.

    +1 Travel, obviously the fae will need to travel to spread. Hex sends out a small help by protecting them from harm in their first week of travel.

    -1 Sailing: Fey ships will not reach the shores of Horizon territory, blocked by powerful winds and currents driving them away, unless allowed by Horizon authorities.

    -1 Symbiosis: The Horizonís minion species will be able to sniff out fey and alert their mortals companions to them, in order to prevent secret intrusion.

    Magic items

    Create Magical Item: Ambrosia (14AP/10DC)

    The sweetest and most succulent of all wine, ambrosia is a form of nigh divine alcohol, said to be capable of giving even the gods a buzz. Brewed among the Fae and drunk primarily at their greatest parties, a full bottle of ambrosia is worth the weight of a man in gold. Occasionally the Fae grant a bottle to mortals who perform a great service for them, and while ambrosia can age indefinitely, it has an allure that few other drinks do. It is usually drunk very quickly.

    Spoiler: Ambrosia Help
    +2 Fae: The Fae possess the secret to brewing ambrosia, claiming "the secret is love." What exactly that means is for anyone to guess, but given the speakers it probably involves magic.
    +2 Love: Those who drink ambrosia find their charisma enhanced with those they find attractive. Few find getting smashed attractive, but the term "liquid courage" has rarely been more appropriate. Additionally, those who drink ambrosia can tell when someone is uninterested in romance, and know to steer clear.
    +2 Trickery: Even a single sip of ambrosia fills one with wonder of the gods. Who can deny the majesty of divinity after supping on such a delectable brew?
    +1 Beauty: Ambrosia improves one's own looks to a degree. It's like beer goggles, but in reverse (and very slight, but longer lasting).
    +1 Allure: Properly distilled ambrosia swirls and sparkles in a dazzling display; the drink itself is practically a hypnotic work of art.
    +1 Protection: Condoms not requi Sometimes a drunken word or display can provoke aggression. In such cases, ambrosia makes one tough enough to take the hit unscathed.

    +1 Alchemy: Ambrosia cannot be used for nefarious purposes: attempts to make it poisonous invariably fail and no one can be made to feel its side-effects unwittingly.

    +2 Blood: Ambrosia is wonderful, but alcohol can be dangerous in large amounts, and you will drink *large* amounts of something as wonderful as ambrosia. So Yuu'okina and Leiton work together to dampen the alcoholic effect slightly. No matter how much ambrosia one drinks, one never suffers from alcoholic afflictions. The brain, the liver, even the baby in a mother's womb is protected from the adverse effects of alcohol. Instead, once someone falls asleep when drunk from ambrosia, they enter a very deep, painless sleep where the body can heal itself and get rid of all the alcohol. This sleep even helps purging bloodborne afflictions.
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