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    The Sewune of Gehudu

    Gehudu Forest
    Region 216

    People that fled underground when the disaster hit only emerged from their bunkers in recent times and were mostly unchanged apart from the growth of a sixth finger on each hand.

    Spoiler: Summary

    Region: Gehudu forest, ???
    Ruler: "King" Yorick II
    People: Human
    Resource: Sweet Droggen berries
    Required Resource: Metal
    Faith: Light of Elward

    Ruler stats:
    Diplomacy: 4
    Military: 3
    Opulence: 5
    Faith: 3
    Intrigue: 5

    Spoiler: Region

    The forest

    The Gehudu Forest was not always fertile land but it seems that even the most barren of lands can be cultivated given enough time and "fertiliser". What the Gehudu Forest once was people no longer really know but the stories tell of a place uninhabitable which made it so perfect for the shelters built below it. Surrounded by foothills on all sides only the passages in each cardinal direction are easy to traverse and make for natural choke points. The forest has a rich and diverse ecosystem that managed to flourish in peace with the protection of the natural boundaries the chain starts as always with the fresh grass, plants, berries and trees that are abundant in the area and makes it way up the food chain with boar, deer, pheasant and mice to the alpha predators that can be found in bears and cougars. The streams that flow down from the foothills provide clean(ish) drinking water with streams full of fish, frogs, mosquitoes and other small aquatic life. The people that settled in this region have a Capital in the centre surrounded by smaller settlements that have created farm lands and orchards.

    The hills

    When travelling up the foothills the weather quickly turns to snowstorms and most of the vegetation seen in the forest below disappears replaced by pine trees and small bushes providing only berries resistant to cold. The food chain turns simple up here the rabbits eat berries and the wolves eat rabbits known to travel all across the foothills the wolves own these lands never setting foot in the valley below making use of small rock outcroppings to traverse the natural passages in each cardinal direction. Standing on the top of the hills provide an excellent view of the surrounding regions and the valley below.

    The wastes

    Beyond the hills lies only barren wasteland as far as the eye can see. Lone trade routes have formed fanning out to the four winds the routes cannot be called maintained but traces of frequent travel along them keeps them clear to follow. The environment is harsh so the wildlife here has adjusted to the environment, while not all species have been discovered travellers often have to deal with giant scorpions and snakes while coming to or from the forest. The few scrubs that grow here have no right to and would only provide the smallest amount of sustenance for any desperate enough to eat them.

    Spoiler: People

    The Surface

    The Sewune people are humans that now call the Gehudu Forest home they have been left relatively unchanged apart from a sixth finger growing on each hand. This extra digit sprouting beside the little finger is fully functional and as one might imagine makes some tasks easier and others harder. The Sewune people are an agricultural civilisation that pride themselves in trade, quick to make contact with other tribes to share in the bounty the forest provides in exchange for resources it does not. Most of the populace works the fields harvesting weeds and fruits, the Droggen berries are unique to the region these red berries the size of a child's fist are incredibly sweet and their crimson juice is used in many of the alcoholic beverages throughout the kingdom.

    The country is led by "King" Yorick II. The people that live here have no taste for war and prefer to live out their lives in peace without the hassle of conflict. The king's family has been on the throne ever since the abandonment of the bunkers below and his current heir is his daughter Anivia who at the age of 16 already has the people's trust and admiration. The nobles that advise the king live spread throughout the forest representing the small settlements surrounding the capital of Edhonia. Below the nobles is the military while small in number it is their task to keep the peace and stand guard at the passages leading in and out of the valley a small company of soldiers patrols the foothills. Below the military are the common folk who live their lives tending fields or running shops; they have many professions as one would expect.

    The underground

    The official records show that the entrances to the bunkers were lost in landslides and other strange but believable incidents. The reality however is that in secret a shadow council remains within the bunkers controlling the king and his nobles and the choices they make from below the earth. This other side of the Sewune people is a hive of villainy and deceit that care not for the well-being of their fellow man and should another disaster hit they would close the doors to their safe bunkers and wait out another storm. The outside world does not know much about this underground civilisation if anything at all however if anyone paid close enough attention sometimes in a pub or random crossing in the streets they may hear people greet each other with "As below so above".

    Spoiler: History

    The ancestors to the Sewune people had the good sense to know a disaster would come eventually and spared no expense building bunkers in a remote location to make sure that they and their offspring could survive what was to come. Whether it was luck or wisdom it seemed they were proven right just not quite as early as they envisioned. When the bunkers were finally complete and stocked with provisions a small earthquake hit not enough to scare anyone really but the biggest contributors of the bunkers decided this was it and called for all that wanted refuge to come now or be sealed outside forever. Many responded to the call and while the population lost tracks of what happened outside their bunkers life within went on. Over the many years an hierarchy was established and a council ruled over the inhabitants. The rules established were simple: everyone had to work to maintain the bunkers, any criminal was given a choice exile or death and any dead were deposited above ground to be claimed by the wastes.

    At some point disaster did strike and the world did change forever and while the people lived in the bunker for many many years slowly the dead deposited above ground created enough fertiliser for life to grow anew. This was discovered when for the first time in many years a group of criminals chose exile and as they were dumped in the lift to the surface and the doors opened they were greeted by a new forest and not the wasteland that were supposed to be here. This group quickly set up camp and their leader Elward made sure that defences were in place. Over the years the camp grew in size and any new exiles were welcomed to join their group. As time went on the people in the bunker learned about the outside world when a door malfunctioned and opened up to the wastelands forest. The council was against people leaving claiming it not to be safe however the people were tired of their underground lives and most of them choose to make a living above ground.

    Over time the original camp became the Capital of Edhonia and Elward ruled as the king with his original group of exiles supporting him in the roles of nobles. With fair rule he established a country that was prosperous and peaceful and after having explored the entire valley he sent our scouts to the wastelands beyond to find trade routes. His family would take up the throne after him and rule for many years. As time progressed the people started hailing Elward as their saviour and a religious group grew revering him as a god.

    In the bunker the council that one's rules with absolute authority did not care much for this change and worked their hardest to regain influence over the people. It took years of planning and scheming but they were able to convince the populace that the bunkers were sealed off and lost forever while they secretly continued to use them as their base. With small acts of deceit, a friend here and a casual meeting there the council managed to get the children of Elwad and his nobles on side. Strengthening their influence with each generation the descendants of the council gained more and more control over the Kings and his Nobles to the point where the council were considered the real rulers by anyone high enough in the country. While the general public remained blissfully ignorant the council set up secret tunnels and a spy network to rule over them in the shadows.

    Spoiler: Faith

    The Light of Elward is a religion that sprouted around the first king of the Gehudu forest. Its followers hail the king for guiding them out of the darkness and into the light of the sun. While worship is not enforced in any way many of the citizens follow this belief and leave tokens of gratitude to the forest and once a year celebrate with great bonfires so that the night can feel the light that Elward provides.

    The council does not follow this belief for obvious reasons however they do celebrate the holidays in their own way. Having realised that the sought after fruit the Droggen berries only grows because of the bodies that were deposited over the years they make sure that fresh fertiliser is provided on a regular basis. They use the priests of the light of Elward to explain the disappearances in the night and so far the populace seems to accept the explanations given.

    Holy Site: The doors of revelation. The doors that malfunctioned to reveal the outside world to the Sewune people have been converted into a holy site. While the entrance to the bunkers has long since been sealed off many pilgrims still gather here to honour the past and their guide to the light.

    Spoiler: Resources

    The forest has an abundance of fruits, vegetables and wildlife however unique to the region are the Droggen Berries. These berries are very popular due to their sweet taste and the fact they are excellent for creating alcoholic beverages.

    TP 1: The royal Orchard owned by the Sewune people
    TP 2: The western Orchard Open
    TP 3: The eastern Orchard Open

    Required resource: Metal
    While the forest and foothills provide an abundance of natural resources it appears no metal can be found in the area. The Sewune people have to import this to create their tools and weapons.

    Starting tech:
    Animal Husbandry: +1 to Opulence and Diplomacy exploration

    The Kywamma of the Lehydy Plains

    Lehydy Plains
    Region 215

    Spoiler: Geography
    The Lehydy Plains start with barren lands in the west where it borders the Gehudu wasteland, however the further east one goes the more the land becomes lush and green until meets the sea on the eastern coast. The landscape is dominated by tall grass and small hills with the occasional tree being spotted near one of the rivers that flow east.

    Spoiler: People

    The natives of the Lehydy Plains are the Kywamma, a bipedal species that resembles a gazelle. Standing one and a half meters tall with horns adding thirty centimetres to this on average. Their slender bodies are perfect for quick travel across the plains and while they have become the dominant species in the area their natural instinct to flee can still be seen when unexpected noises or movements are made. The average lifespan of the Kywamma is forty years with the oldest on record being seventy five.

    Kywamma settlements are concentrated around the rivers that flow through the land and seldom house more than one hundred people. The main source of food is the grass that grows abundantly on the plains with supplements of leaves from one of the trees on occasion. The time saved by not having to hunt for food is used to perfect their crafts and so the Kywamma are expert artisans mostly focused on weaving and clay sculpting.

    There existed no formal ruler of these lands and when the Sewune forces arrived the settlements accepted their rule without conflict. Their daily lives have not changed since the new leadership and continue to weave and sculpt daily. The only difference is that there is now a central market where these goods can be traded.

    Spoiler: Resource
    The resource of the Lehydy plains are the Kywamma themselves. After the introduction to the other survivors in the surrounding areas some were eager to practise their weaving and pottery skills in other areas of the world.

    Artisans: Good

    TP1: SEW
    TP2: SIR

    Spoiler: Faith
    The Kywamma had no formal religion when first discovered by the Sewune however it did not take long for The Blemmyae to send over missionaries and spread Abiherism. Apart from a few murmurs in the population the conversion went on without a hitch.

    The Holy site is what is now known as the tree of ancestors, a large tree growing at the top of a small hill.

    HC: Abiherism
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