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Spoiler: Chapter 7 Page 12
Turns out she's running to Dr. Burger. I guess a Wight is an exceptionally high tier spirit, and that this itself is the big bad? I'm a bit confused as to who the baddie is actually. Presumably it's not a new foe group, and it's probably either buried such that it's under both hills (Davy), secretly the Angel, who might have white energy (Forge and co), the object of worship for the cultists (Assistant Principal and Cultists), or the spirit in Max bidding its time (???). I'm not sure why we would have both a thing in Spender, a thing in Max, and a third entity. It's, uh, beginning to get confusing.
Yeah, it's all a little unclear. I think we'd have a better idea if we knew whether this flashback is taking place before or after Spender becomes a medium for his shadow spirit. He's got Lucifer at this point, so it's probably afterwards, but who knows.

If I'm reading Dr. Burger's response in the last panel right, apparently the wight was what the Witch was seeking, whatever that means. This flashback seems like it takes place after Mina and Rick defeated the Witch, since the flashback panel depicting that event had them younger than they are now.

I'm willing to hazard the guess that the wight and the "broken god" possessing Max might be one and the same, but I might be wrong.

Should we stop beginning things with a spoiler bar and instead just have it in bold each time we're talking about the newest page? Anyone can look at it, after all
I've only been doing it if I comment on the thread the day a new comic releases. Figure I'd at least give 24 hours in case anyone else forgot which day the comic updates.