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    Quote Originally Posted by KatsOfLoathing View Post
    Yeah, it's all a little unclear. I think we'd have a better idea if we knew whether this flashback is taking place before or after Spender becomes a medium for his shadow spirit. He's got Lucifer at this point, so it's probably afterwards, but who knows.

    If I'm reading Dr. Burger's response in the last panel right, apparently the wight was what the Witch was seeking, whatever that means. This flashback seems like it takes place after Mina and Rick defeated the Witch, since the flashback panel depicting that event had them younger than they are now.

    I'm willing to hazard the guess that the wight and the "broken god" possessing Max might be one and the same, but I might be wrong.
    So it seems that you can only effectively use the power of a tool of your color, but you can be the medium of any kind of spirit (like how Rick is yellow but FSS is ostensibly black). It seems Burger is black while the wight is white (or that's BL's energy?). It'd make sense that the wight is the spirit possessing Max, thus connecting the broken god to the current plotline. Either black and white are capable of interacting with each other/opposing colors acts as a seal, letting the wight have its powers neutered with Burger and for it to escape BL's eye when it somehow entered Max (maybe Burger died at the time of the beginning of the comic, and it was too weak to do much without a vessel?), or they're completely unrelated.

    I'm pretty sure Burger is the "she" Mina mentions in that "if she can do it, so can I" when she's handling the train.

    We have too many factions right now to say anything for certain, hopefully these flashbacks will serve to shrink them down to like 4.

    Quote Originally Posted by KatsOfLoathing View Post
    I've only been doing it if I comment on the thread the day a new comic releases. Figure I'd at least give 24 hours in case anyone else forgot which day the comic updates.
    I imagine just a bold line for the first day would have the same end result since if someone doesn't want to be spoiled they just see that and can read the comic themselves.
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